Banjot Chanana

DockerCon EU 2015: Docker Trusted Registry 1.4 with Integrated Content Trust and Universal Control Plane

What an exciting Second Day! Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Docker, Docker, Docker…we’ve added more! In today’s keynote, we talked about some amazing products – from Project Nautilus, the new image scanning and vulnerability detection service for Official Repos on Docker Hub, to the upgrades to Docker Hub Auto Build service to how to use these together with Tutum for an end-to-end Containers as a Service platform, all available in the cloud today. And for those that need on-premise control of their own destiny we have a new release of Docker Trusted Registry that integrates Docker Content Trust, for image signing, integrity and authenticity.

Trisha McCanna

Docker Subscription on AWS Now Available in Europe

Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine with Business Day Support are now available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) European regions allowing customers to build, ship and run distributed applications. Announced today at DockerCon Europe, Docker Subscription for AWS has expanded its availability beyond the AWS US regions to now include AWS’s EU regions. Docker Subscription for AWS is available on demand through the AWS Marketplace with 30 day free trial, hourly and annual subscription options.

Victor Coisne

Webinar FAQ: The Value of Docker Support and Subscription

At Docker, we believe that a vibrant commercial company and open source project can co-exist and in fact their mutual success is linked together. For those of you who have been with us since our open source beginnings, our first “value of support” webinar may have given you pause to think “hey, don’t try to sell me things” or “are you selling out?” However, software support is something that our users have been asking for as their use of Docker grows in their organization. Our commercial solutions are built using the open source tool with packaging, support and maintenance to match the service levels that our users provide their own customers. Running a production environment is a complex mix of technology, process and people – all coordinating to keep their consumer experience with the application amazing. One piece of that is to Continue reading…