Jenny Burcio

More DockerCon Speakers Announced

Today, we are announcing the next group of awesome DockerCon speakers and we can’t wait for the lessons, stories, tips, tricks and insights they will share. Need tips on how to create effective images, even when you have to include a bunch of image processing libraries? What about learning how other organizations are taking Docker into production and adopting DevOps? Want to deep dive into the Docker internals from Docker’s technical staff? Join us at the largest container conference in the world to hear these stories and many more DockerCon speakers from the community.  Docker Security Deep Dive Journey to Docker Production: Evolving Your Infrastructure and Processes Creating Effective Docker Images Plug-ins: Building, Shipping, Storing and Running Docker for Ops Docker Networking               Modern Storage Platform for Containerized Environments Do you really want to attend sessions Continue reading…

Lisa McNicol

Docker Online Meetup recap: Introducing Docker 1.13

Last week, we released Docker 1.13 to introduce several new enhancements in addition to building on and improving Docker swarm mode introduced in Docker 1.12. Docker 1.13 has many new features and fixes that we are excited about, so we asked core team member and release captain, Victor Vieux to introduce Docker 1.13 in an online meetup. The meetup took place on Wednesday, Jan 25 and over 1000 people RSVPed to hear Victor’s presentation live. Victor gave an overview and demo of many of the new features: Restructuration of CLI commands Experimental build CLI backward compatibility Swarm default encryption at rest Compose to Swarm Data management commands Brand new “init system” Various orchestration enhancements In case you missed it, you can watch the recording and access Victor’s slides below.   Below is a short list of the questions asked to Victor at Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Recap: Docker 1.8 Online Meetup Series

Missed our three-part series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release? Don’t worry! We recorded each session and posted the videos for you to watch. Our series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release started with Core Maintainer David Calavera presenting an overview of the new features and upgrades available in this release. Sr. Software Engineer David Lawrence then provided a comprehensive look at Docker Content Trust, the system powering image signing.

Victor Coisne

Extending Docker with Plugins

This is a guest blog post from Luke Marsden, CTO at ClusterHQ, the creators of Flocker and Alexis Richardson, CEO at Weaveworks, the creators of Weave. Back in December last year, we started getting closely involved in the Docker plugins project with Solomon and other folks on the Docker team, along with a loose group of other collaborators and the now-famous DockerCon Europe iron. That meeting, which Alexis organised, was the start of an open collaboration involving developers around the world, including Jeff Lindsay from Glider Labs.

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