Ashlynn Polini

Embark on your Docker Containerization journey at DockerCon 2018

DockerCon is the premier container conference where the IT industry comes together to learn, belong, and collaborate on the different phases of the containerization journey. This year, we’re focusing on helping our 6,000+ attendees define their containerization journeys. Whether you’re a developer just getting started with Docker or an Enterprise systems architect ready to scale and innovate, at DockerCon we’ll help you map out and implement a containerization strategy for you, your team and your company. Throughout the four days, you’ll have the chance to design your own DockerCon journey – selecting from 7 different breakout session tracks, a collection of free hands-on labs and workshops, and our peer to peer networking Hallway Track. This year at DockerCon we’re designing our conference around the containerization journey and providing opportunities for our attendees to create tailored learning and networking experiences for Continue reading…

David Messina

5 years later, Docker has come a long way

The evolution of Docker: From introducing a container runtime to building an enterprise-ready container platform Back in March 2013, Docker was introduced publicly for the first time during Docker founder, Solomon Hykes’ lightning talk at PyCon. Since that moment in 2013, Docker has evolved in conjunction with the needs of users and customers to drive innovation around security, orchestration, networking and more. From building out advanced security features across the software supply chain and offering the choice of both Swarm and Kubernetes, to developing Docker for Mac/Windows and the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) container platform, Docker has come a long way. Now at the age of five, Docker has millions of users and over 450 commercial customers – including hundreds of the world’s largest companies – that rely on Docker EE to power their digital and multi-cloud initiatives. The history of Continue reading…

Elton Stoneman

Video Series: Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers

 Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)  is the container platform for modernizing your existing applications, and running them in the cloud or on-premises. You can take monoliths and run them in containers with no code changes, and that gets you portability, security and efficiency. Running in Docker is also a great starting point for modernizing the application architecture. You can breaking down the monolith into smaller, independent components which makes it easier to deploy updates, manage scale and introduce new technologies. This new video series covers app modernization, for .NET developers and architects. It walks through the evolution of a monolithic ASP.NET 3.5 app to a distributed application running across multiple containers, using the Docker platform to plug everything together and adding features with great open-source software from the Docker ecosystem. This is not a full re-architecture to microservices – for large .NET apps Continue reading…

Gilbert Vendryes

Docker Enterprise Edition Fuels Channel Success in 2017

The past year has proven to be one of rapid customer growth and traction in the enterprise. The channel is a fundamental part of our achievements to date and we are grateful for all of the dedicated partners involved in taking container technology mainstream. We now have hundreds of the largest enterprises as customers and we look forward to driving even greater adoption in the coming year alongside our partners. With 2017 coming to an end, here’s a quick look back at channel achievements from this past year: Driving partner enablement and success: Our partners have built highly-successful and profitable business models around Docker Enterprise Edition and accelerated their customers’ digital transformation initiatives in doing so. The Docker Partner Program and our recently updated Partner Portal provide partners with the resources, training and the joint selling success stories needed to Continue reading…

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Michael Friis

Announcing Docker Enterprise Edition

Today we are announcing Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), a new version of the Docker platform optimized for business-critical deployments. Docker EE is supported by Docker Inc., is available on certified operating systems and cloud providers and runs certified Containers and Plugins from Docker Store. Docker EE is available in three tiers: Basic comes with the Docker platform, support and certification, and Standard and Advanced tiers add advanced container management (Docker Datacenter) and Docker Security Scanning. For consistency, we are also renaming the free Docker products to Docker Community Edition (CE) and adopting a new lifecycle and time-based versioning scheme for both Docker EE and CE. Today’s Docker CE and EE 17.03 release is the first to use the new scheme. Docker CE and EE are released quarterly, and CE also has a monthly “Edge” option. Each Docker EE release is supported and maintained for one year and Continue reading…

Victor Vieux

Announcing Docker 1.2.0

The hardworking folk at Docker, Inc. are proud to announce the release of version 1.2.0 of Docker. We’ve made improvements throughout the Docker platform, including updates to Docker Engine, Docker Hub, and our documentation. Highlights include these new features: restart policies We added a –restart flag to docker run to specify a restart policy for your container. Currently, there are three policies available: no – Do not restart the container if it dies. (default) on-failure – Restart the container if it exits with a non-zero exit code. Can also accept an optional maximum restart count (e.g. on-failure:5). always – Always restart the container no matter what exit code is returned. This deprecates the –restart flag on the Docker daemon. A few examples: Redis will endlessly try to restart if the container exits docker run –restart=always redis If redis exits with a non-zero Continue reading…