Thea Lamkin

Docker’s 2nd Birthday, By the Numbers

Back in March, we invited you to be a part of Docker’s first-ever open-source-a-thon to celebrate the project’s 2nd birthday and work towards a good cause. Now that over a month of events and online contributions have come to a close, we wanted to show off all the hard work our community has put in, and the amazing feat they’ve accomplished. Over 1,200 people attended birthday events across the world, between 17 open-source-a-thons organized by Docker and 7 run completely by community members. Participants learned Go, mentored beginner contributors, made their first open source pull requests, updated docs, wrote blog posts, and much, much more. It’s been pretty crazy.

Steve Francia

Highlights from the Docker Project’s first open-source-a-thon

Today we are nearing the end of the Docker Open-Source-a-Thon that kicked off with the Docker birthday party! Here’s an update about the fun times we’ve had so far.