Karen Bajza

Docker Community Spotlight: Docker Paris Meetup Group

Since starting the Docker Paris Meetup group in October 2013, Patrick Aljord and Adrien Blind have organized 42 events (coincidence? We think not!) for a group of +3,300 members. Patrick and Adrien’s contributions have been essential for fostering an enthusiastic and active Docker community in Paris.

Karen Bajza

DockerCon 2016 Organizer Summit recap

A huge part of Docker’s success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the 400+ Docker meetup organizers in 73 countries who collectively support a global community of over 115,000 members. Local Docker meetups help keep the community engaged and updated on all things Docker. With over 250 groups and counting, we are continuously humbled by the dedication and time these individuals take to organize events and all that they do for their local communities.

Michelle Antebi

Announcing Our Next Docker Hackathon!

In just a couple of days, over four thousand people will be joining us in Seattle for DockerCon 2016 to learn from top practitioners, take part in hands-on labs, engage with Docker ecosystem innovators and meet others in the Docker Community. We realize that attendees were bummed when we didn’t announce an in-person hackathon but we have been working hard to remedy this by organizing an online hackathon for participants to hack on the newest features and products coming out of DockerCon!

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Michelle Antebi

Video + Slides on Docker Cloud from Docker SF Meetup

Last week, members of the Docker SF Meetup community joined us at Docker HQ for a special Meetup event led by our Docker Cloud team. The evening consisted of demos given by the Docker Cloud engineers and a lightning presented by Jobstart. Before concluding, the attendees also had the opportunity to meet the Docker Cloud team and got to ask them anything as a part of our first ever Docker Office Hours. Ryan Kennedy, Product Manager at Docker, started the night off by demonstrating how to configure and test a CI pipeline using the latest features available in Docker Cloud. Next, Product Manager Bryan Lee and Software Engineer Alberto Megia revealed the auto-deployment capabilities available in Docker Cloud. Finally, Andrew Rhyne, Lead Engineer at Jobstart, gave a lightning talk on Blue-Green Deployments with Docker Cloud. The meetup was recorded and you can watch Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Good things come in small “containers”: Ingredients for a successful birthday party

written by Alex Giurgiu and Valentin Stoican, Seqvence For Docker’s 3rd birthday, the Docker team decided to organize a challenge to teach people Docker, and hopefully have some fun at the same time. It was a great event, with over 1180 people completing the assignment participating in 220 locations around the world. In this article, we will describe the way we leveraged Docker tools to create a platform capable of handling thousands of requests and testing more than 10,000 containers.

Michelle Antebi

From Docker San Francisco Meetup: Docker 1.11 Release

A couple of weeks ago, we gave members of the Docker San Francisco Meetup group an opportunity to take a deep dive into the recent Docker 1.11 release by hosting an event where they could learn from the engineers themselves.

Michelle Antebi

Docker Community Spotlight: Luisa Marieth Morales

Maintaining and running one of the largest and most active Docker Meetup groups is no easy task. Since joining the Docker New York City Meetup group in March 2015, Luisa Marieth Morales, along with her co-organizers, Dusty Mabe and Jesse White, have put on 11 events for a group of 2,527 members with an average of 176 RSVPs per event. Luisa’s contributions have been nothing short of essential in fostering an enthusiastic and eager Docker community. We recently sat down with Luisa and took a deep dive into her role where we discussed her insights on being an organizer and her predictions for the future of the Docker NYC Meetup group.