Mario Ponticello

Docker Community Passes Two Billion Pulls!

In March 2013, Docker launched the first iteration of Docker Hub as the canonical platform for publishing and consuming Docker container images. This past November, we announced that Docker Hub had reached 1.2 billion pulls. Now, only three months later, we’re announcing another historic milestone: the Docker ecosystem has passed two billion pulls!

Banjot Chanana

DockerCon EU 2015: Docker Trusted Registry 1.4 with Integrated Content Trust and Universal Control Plane

What an exciting Second Day! Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Docker, Docker, Docker…we’ve added more! In today’s keynote, we talked about some amazing products – from Project Nautilus, the new image scanning and vulnerability detection service for Official Repos on Docker Hub, to the upgrades to Docker Hub Auto Build service to how to use these together with Tutum for an end-to-end Containers as a Service platform, all available in the cloud today. And for those that need on-premise control of their own destiny we have a new release of Docker Trusted Registry that integrates Docker Content Trust, for image signing, integrity and authenticity.

Matt Soldo

Upgraded Autobuild System on Docker Hub

Docker Hub‘s automated build system is one of it’s most popular features. One quarter of all repositories on Docker Hub are created through the automated build system, and the system is now processing over 60,000 builds per week – a 300% increase since the beginning of this year. Today, we are releasing a major upgrade to our Autobuild system which features dynamic matching of git branches and tags, a faster and more secure build infrastructure, and user control over build parallelism.

Mano Marks

Docker Hub Reaches Over 1.2 Billion Pulls

In March 2013, we demonstrated Docker in public for the first time, and we built “the Index” – now known as Docker Hub. Docker Hub is our cloud service for building, organizing and distributing Docker container images. Fast forward five months to August 2013, when something very exciting happened. “The Index” reached the incredible milestone of 2,000 downloads!

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Chris Hines

Docker Webinar Q&A: Deployment for the Couchbase Mobile stack with Compose, Docker Hub and Tutum

Our most recent case study webinar featured James Nocentini, Developer Advocate at Couchbase, discussing how they Continuously Deploy mobile applications running on Couchbase Mobile with Docker, Compose and Tutum.

Matt Soldo

Docker Hub Deprecation for Clients 1.5 and Earlier

Last spring Docker released Engine version 1.6 and Registry version 2. These introduced an updated push / pull protocol featuring faster image transfers, simplified image definition, and improved security. The Docker community has aggressively adopted them, and as a result over 99% of Docker Hub usage is based on these newer version. As a result we are deprecating support on Docker Hub for clients version 1.5 and earlier.

Scott Johnston

Docker Hub: A new stack plus ecosystem partners automate developer workflows

The Docker Hub team has been busy over the summer and today we’re ready to share some exciting updates. More and more developers are using Docker Hub to automate their workflows, and Docker Hub’s re-architected stack and new UI, together with partner plugins for source code management and continuous integration, will help them, and you, build, ship, and run apps even faster.

Matt Bentley

New Tool to Migrate From V1 Registry to Docker Trusted Registry or V2 Open Source Registry

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger The distribution and management of Docker images are made possible by various registry services including: Docker Hub, Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Open Source Registry. Both Docker Hub and Docker Trusted Registry are commercial products that incorporate the open source registry capabilities into their respective solutions. Docker Hub is a multi-tenant service hosted by Docker while Docker Trusted Registry and open source Registry provide users with the option to host private registries behind their own firewall or dedicated cloud environment. In April of 2015, we released Docker Registry 2.0 which included a complete rewrite in Go and the new Docker Registry HTTP API v2. Upon release, Docker Registry 2.0 was put into production on Docker Hub for users of the Docker Engine 1.6 or greater making the integration of the quicker, more reliable registry was transparent Continue reading…