Lisa McNicol

Meet the winners of the Holberton School and Docker hackathon

The last weekend in February, Holberton School and Docker held a joint Docker Hackathon where current students spent 24 hours making cool Docker hacks. Students were joined by Docker mentors who helped them along the way in addition to serving as judges for the final products.  Here are some highlights from the hackathon. Third place goes to… Julien, a personal assistant built with Docker and Alexa by Bobby and Larry In their own words: After discussing a few ideas, we settled on the idea of doing a Docker/Alexa integration that would abstract away repetitive command line interactions, allowing the user/developer to check the state of her Docker containers, and easily deploy them to production, only using voice commands. Hands free, we would prompt Alexa to interact with our Docker images and containers in various ways (ex1: “spin up image file x on server y”, Continue reading…

Lisa McNicol

Announcing Docker 1.12 Hackathon winners

The judges have deliberated, our community has voted, and the results are in! We are happy to announce the top 5 submissions of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon. In case you missed it, the theme of the hackathon was to build, ship, and run a distributed software application using a release candidate of Docker 1.12. We encouraged participants to hack the new features included in Docker 1.12, such as: Swarm Mode, Cryptographic node identity, Service API, and Build-in routing mesh.

Michelle Antebi

Register Now for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon

With the recent announcement of Docker 1.12, we are happy to announce that today marks the first day of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon! Now that the hackathon is open for registration, participants are encouraged to hack using the new features included in Docker 1.12 including: Swarm Mode, the Service Deployment API, and the built-in routing mesh. For the Docker 1.12 Hackathon, we are using a platform called DevPost, which allows participants to review the rules, submit their hacks, view other hacks, participate in and start discussions, and easily find other participants with similar interests or complementary skills to join forces with! Submissions are due on Monday, July 25th followed by a week-long judging period. The judging panel for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon include three Docker Captains and two Docker employees: Phil Estes – Docker Captain and Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Cloud Continue reading…

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