Victor Coisne

Docker <3 Oracle Solaris Zones

written by Brian Goff, Technical Alliances at Docker, Inc. Integration allows Oracle users to easily distribute applications built and deployed in Oracle Solaris Zones Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Oracle on a few projects: • Full Docker Engine support on Oracle Linux 6 and 7 • Official Image for Oracle Linux, maintained by Oracle, on Docker Hub • Collaboration on the official Image for MySQL The Official Repos program is a curated set of images by the Docker community, for the Docker community. Along the way Oracle has proven to be a great contributor to this community, maintaining their Oracle Linux image and actively collaborating with the community to ensure the quality of the official MySQL image. They also provide the builds and repositories required for creating both of these images.

Evan Hazlett

Announcing Docker Machine Beta

At DockerCon EU earlier this year, we announced Docker Machine, a tool that makes it really easy to go from “zero to Docker”. Machine creates Docker Engines on your computer, on cloud providers, and/or in your data center, and then configures the Docker client to securely talk to them. It works a bit like this: $ docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev [info] Downloading boot2docker… [info] Creating SSH key… [info] Creating VirtualBox VM… [info] Starting VirtualBox VM… [info] Waiting for VM to start… [info] “dev” has been created and is now the active machine. [info] To point your Docker client at it, run this in your shell: $(docker-machine env dev) $ $(docker-machine env dev) $ docker run busybox echo hello world Unable to find image ‘busybox’ locally Pulling repository busybox e72ac664f4f0: Download complete 511136ea3c5a: Download complete df7546f9f060: Download complete e433a6c5b276: Download Continue reading…