Jenny Fong

Using Docker to Scale Operational Intelligence at Splunk

Splunk wants to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. With over 14,000 customers in 110 countries, providing the best software for visualizing machine data involves hours and hours of testing against multiple supported platforms and various configurations. For Mike Dickey, Sr. Director in charge of engineering infrastructure at Splunk, the challenge was that 13 different engineering teams in California and Shanghai had contributed to test infrastructure sprawl, with hundreds of different projects and plans that were all being managed manually. At DockerCon Europe, Mike and Harish Jayakumar, Docker Solutions Engineer, shared how Splunk leveraged Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) to dramatically improve build and deployment times on their test infrastructure, converge on a unified Continuous Integration (CI) workflow, and how they’ve now grown to 600 bare-metal servers deploying tens of thousands of Docker containers per day. You Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Top 5 Docker Customer Success Stories of 2017

The holidays are a time of joy, gratitude and reflection. As we look back on the year, we’re celebrating you, our amazing customers! You are the ones that inspire us to innovate. We appreciate the business and are grateful for the opportunity! With that we’d like to put the spotlight on the top 5 Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) customer stories of 2017. Docker Enterprise Edition Lights a New Spark of Innovation within MetLife MetLife, the global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, will be celebrating it’s 150th birthday next year. To stay ahead of the competition, MetLife realizes it must be agile to more rapidly respond to changing market requirements. During the Day 2 General Session at DockerCon 2017, MetLife shared how they’re inspiring new innovation in their organization with Docker EE. MetLife also took part in Continue reading…

Jim Armstrong

Intesa Sanpaolo Builds a Resilient Foundation for Banking With Docker Enterprise Edition

Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest bank in Italy and maintains a network of over 5,000 banking branches across Europe and North Africa. With nearly 19 million customers and €739 billion in assets, Intesa Sanpaolo is an integral part of the financial fabric and as such, Italian regulations require that they keep their business and applications online to serve their customers. As a bank that can trace its roots back to the early 1800s, the majority of Intesa’s edge applications are still monolithic and hard to move between data centers, never mind migrate to the cloud. Diego Braga, Intesa IT Infrastructure Architect, looked to Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) at the recommendation of his Kiratech business partner Lorenzo Fontana to improve their application availability, portability and add cloud friendly application delivery. With Docker EE, Intesa was able to consolidate infrastructure by nearly 60%, thus saving significant money over Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

How GlaxoSmithKline is Accelerating Science with Docker Enterprise Edition

GlaxoSmithKline is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Their company mission is “to help people do more, feel better, and live longer”. One way they are doing that is by using data science to find new drug formulations that can improve lives. At DockerCon Europe, Ranjith Raghunath, the director of Big Data Solutions and Lindsay Edwards, the head of Respiratory Data Sciences at GlaxoSmithKline presented how Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) is helping them accelerate drug discovery through a project called Edge Node On Demand. Letting Science Drive Technology at GlaxoSmithKline Leveraging Data Science for Improved Outcomes The biggest challenge in pharmaceutical research is that hundreds of drugs formulations need to be created to take one successfully to market only 3% of formulated molecules actually become medicine. Lindsay Edwards heads a Data Science group that is focused on respiratory illnesses like Continue reading…

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Betty Junod

MetLife Uses Docker Enterprise Edition to Self Fund Containerization

MetLife is a 150 year old company in the business of securing promises and the information management of over 100M customers and their insurance policies. As a global company, MetLife delivers promises into every corner of the world – some of them built to last a lifetime. With this rich legacy comes a diverse portfolio of IT infrastructure to maintain those promises. In April, Aaron Aedes from MetLife spoke about their first foray into Docker containerization with a new application, GSSP, delivered through Azure. Six months later, MetLife returns to the DockerCon stage to share their journey since this initial deployment motivated them to find other ways to leverage Docker Enterprise Edition [EE] within MetLife. Jeff Murr, Director of Engineering for Containers and Open Source at MetLife spoke in the Day 1 DockerCon keynote session about how they are looking to scale Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

Finnish Railways and Accenture Partner to Modernize Key Transportation Apps  

VR Group is the state-owned company that runs Finnish Railways, and provides 82 million passenger train rides and transports 36 million tons of goods per year. The 150+ year old transportation business is broken into separate divisions, each with their own technology departments. Finnish Railways does not have an in-house development team, so each division leverages external vendors and partners for their application development needs. On Day 2 of DockerCon Europe, Markus Niskanen, Integration Manager at VR Group, and Oscar Renalias, Solutions Architect at Accenture presented their story on how they worked together to modernize critical business applications for Finnish Railways, including the reservation and commuter applications. Partnership Drives Faster Results Finnish Railways began working with Accenture, a long-time partner, to design a new common application platform based on Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). Leveraging Accenture’s Container Migration Factory, Finnish Railways had access to Continue reading…