Sebastiaan Van Stijn

Extending Support Cycle for Docker Community Edition

We’re excited to share the release of Docker 18.06 Community Edition (CE) and also share some changes that will be implemented in the next release. Based on feedback we’ve been hearing from the community, we are implementing some changes to deliver higher quality Community Edition (CE) releases, while also providing faster access to new features as they get added: Docker CE Stable is changing to twice-a-year release cadence Docker CE Edge is deprecated in favor of a nightly build channel As a result of these changes, Docker 18.06 CE will be the last release with a 4-month maintenance lifecycle. The planned Docker 18.09 CE release will be supported for 7 months with Docker 19.03 CE being the next release in line. Further, the monthly Edge releases of Docker CE (Engine) are now replaced with nightly builds. Note that Docker Desktop (Docker Continue reading…

Jim Armstrong

Docker for Mac with Kubernetes

  You heard about it at DockerCon Europe and now it is here: we are proud to announce that Docker for Mac with beta Kubernetes support is now publicly available as part of the Edge release channel. We hope you are as excited as we are! With this release you can now run a single node Kubernetes cluster right on your Mac and use both kubectl commands and docker commands to control your containers. First, a few things to keep in mind: Docker for Mac required Kubernetes features are only accessible on macOS for now; Docker for Windows and Docker Enterprise Edition betas will follow at a later date. If you need to install a new copy of Docker for Mac you can download it from the Docker Store. Edge channel required Kubernetes support is still considered experimental with this release, so to enable the Continue reading…

Karen Bajza

Online Meetup Recap: Docker Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE)

Last week, we announced Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and Docker Community Edition (CE) new and renamed versions of the Docker platform. Docker EE, supported by Docker Inc., is available on certified operating systems and cloud providers and runs certified Containers and Plugins from Docker Store. The Docker open source products are now Docker CE and we have adopted a new lifecycle and time-based versioning scheme for both Docker EE and CE. We asked product manager and release captain, Michael Friis to introduce Docker CE + EE to our online community. The meetup took place on Wednesday, March 8th and over 600 people RSVPed to hear Michael’s presentation live. He gave an overview of both editions and highlighted the big enhancements to the lifecycle, maintainability and upgradability of Docker. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording and access Michael’s slides below.   Continue reading…

Michael Friis

Beta Docker Community Edition for Google Cloud Platform

Today we’re excited to announce beta Docker Community Edition (CE) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users interested in helping test and improve Docker CE for GCP should sign up at We’ll let in users to the beta as the product matures and stabilizes, and we’re looking forward to your input and suggestions. Docker CE for GCP is built on the same principle as Docker CE for AWS and Docker CE for Azure and provides a Docker setup on GCP that is: Quick and easy to install in a few minutes Released in sync with other Docker releases and always available with the latest Docker version Simple to upgrade from one Docker CE version to the next Configured securely and deployed on minimal, locked-down Linux maintained by Docker Self-healing and capable of automatically recovering from infrastructure failures Docker CE for GCP is the Continue reading…

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