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Docker Birthday #3: Q&A with Solomon Hykes, Founder of Docker

To celebrate Docker’s 3rd birthday, we are inviting newcomers to the Docker community for a fun training on how to build, ship and run distributed applications with ease thanks to the Docker platform. The Docker community organized over 120 Docker Birthday celebrations in 50 countries across 5 continents. We are immensely grateful to our awesome meetup organizers and the over 580 Docker experts who signed up to help newcomers complete the training! We also partnered with several organizations to ensure that these events are inclusive for everyone attending including underrepresented minorities in the tech community. Stay tuned for a blog post later this week with more information on those efforts. We recently sat down with Docker founder, CTO and Chief Product Officer Solomon Hykes to reflect on the past three years. We asked Solomon what his birthday wishes were for Continue reading…

Adam Herzog

Video Tutorials to Prepare for the Docker Birthday #3 Training!

To help everyone get ready for the introductory training component of each training, Elton Stoneman created video tutorials on how to set up Docker on your machine. Have you RSVP’d for one of the over 100 Docker Birthday #3 celebrations? Click here to join your local meetup’s Docker training for beginners! Are you a Docker expert or advanced user? Sign up to be a mentor to help newcomers learn Docker! Below are the videos along with detailed instructions on how to prepare your work environment for the training.

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Get Ready for Docker’s 3rd Birthday!

Last month, we announced our plans to celebrate the Docker Project’s 3rd birthday by organizing a series of events focused on providing Docker training to beginners. Over the past few weeks we have been amazed (once again) by the energy and incredible response from the Docker community and today, we’re happy to share with you some exciting updates! Thanks to the hard work of the awesome Docker meetup organizers, community mentors, partners and sponsors in the broader tech and open-source community, there are more than 5,500 people registered to attend one of the 100 local editions of the Docker birthday scheduled in more than 50 countries across 5 continents!

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Your Docker Agenda for March

  March is packed with plenty of great events including over 75 Docker Birthday #3 local celebrations to learn all about Docker! From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, check out our list of events that are coming up in March.

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Victor Coisne

Announcing Docker Birthday #3

Back in March 2013, Docker’s CTO and Founder, Solomon Hykes introduced Docker publicly for the first time during a lightning talk at PyCon. Three years later the Docker project has significantly matured to become the open platform of choice for building, shipping and running distributed applications in an infrastructure agnostic Container as a Service (CaaS) model. Thanks to the hard work of thousands of contributors from Docker, Inc and the Docker community, the Docker platform is now used in production by companies of all sizes and industries. Last year, to celebrate the Docker project’s 2nd birthday, we proudly organized a global open-source-a-thon where the Docker core team and expert developers from the Go community guided participants through their first open source contributions which resulted in donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet. This year, to celebrate the Docker Project’s 3rd birthday, the Docker community Continue reading…

Docker’s 2nd Birthday, By the Numbers

Back in March, we invited you to be a part of Docker’s first-ever open-source-a-thon to celebrate the project’s 2nd birthday and work towards a good cause. Now that over a month of events and online contributions have come to a close, we wanted to show off all the hard work our community has put in, and the amazing feat they’ve accomplished. Over 1,200 people attended birthday events across the world, between 17 open-source-a-thons organized by Docker and 7 run completely by community members. Participants learned Go, mentored beginner contributors, made their first open source pull requests, updated docs, wrote blog posts, and much, much more. It’s been pretty crazy.

Victor Coisne

Your Docker agenda in April

March has been an incredibly busy month for the Docker Community with all of the birthday celebrations and open-source-a-thons, and it’s not over yet. You have until April 19th to make a contribution that counts toward Docker’s donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet. Please visit for more information about contributing to Docker and attending upcoming Docker parties! Looking at the calendar for April there are plenty of exciting events for you to attend, no matter where you’re based. Keep reading to see where to meet Docker team members and join Docker community gatherings.

Docker’s 2nd Birthday Wishes: Q&A with Solomon Hykes, Founder of Docker

Docker turns two this week. To celebrate the incredible contributions of our community in such a short period of time and to continue to support and grow it, we are kicking off our first ever open-source-a-thon. The goal is to introduce the skill and potential of contributing to open source to over 1,500 developers around the world, while supporting a charity near and dear to us; marine life and oceanic conservation. We wish to adopt a real female blue whale–Molly Dock–to be a companion to our own Moby Dock.   Aside from our collective wishes for more open source and better oceanic conservation, we asked Solomon what his birthday wishes were for the Docker community he founded two years ago this week. We also asked him to reflect on the initial Docker launch at Pycon and other accomplishments of the Continue reading…