Nathan McCauley

Security Release: Docker 1.8.3 and 1.6.2-CS7

As part of our ongoing security efforts, a vulnerability was discovered that affects the way content is stored and retrieved within the Docker Engine. Today we are releasing a security update that addresses this issue in accordance with our coordinated responsible disclosure policy. The new versions and upgrade instructions can be found here for open source users and here for commercially supported customers.

Victor Coisne

Recap: Docker 1.8 Online Meetup Series

Missed our three-part series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release? Don’t worry! We recorded each session and posted the videos for you to watch. Our series of Docker Online Meetups on the Docker 1.8 release started with Core Maintainer David Calavera presenting an overview of the new features and upgrades available in this release. Sr. Software Engineer David Lawrence then provided a comprehensive look at Docker Content Trust, the system powering image signing.

Ben Firshman

Announcing Docker 1.8: Content Trust, Toolbox, and Updates to Registry and Orchestration

We’re thrilled to announce Docker 1.8 with support for image signing, a new installer, as well as incremental improvements to Engine, Compose, Swarm, Machine and Registry. You’ve been telling us that you want Docker to be more extensible and composed of smaller, standalone components. We hear you loud and clear. In June, we announced our intention to release runC as a separate piece of plumbing. With this release we’re taking another step towards that goal. The system powering image signing has been implemented as a separate piece of plumbing called Notary, and volume plugins, an experimental feature in 1.7, has now been promoted to the stable release. Across the board we’ve been making the usual quality improvements – something we know is important to all of you running Docker in production.