Michelle Antebi

From Docker San Francisco Meetup: Docker 1.11 Release

A couple of weeks ago, we gave members of the Docker San Francisco Meetup group an opportunity to take a deep dive into the recent Docker 1.11 release by hosting an event where they could learn from the engineers themselves.

Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #37: Docker 1.11

During this week’s Docker Online Meetup, core team member Ben Firshman discusses the recently released Docker 1.11, our first release built on runC and containerd. Ben started the online meetup with an overview of Docker 1.11 before showing some demos and answering questions at the end. Below are the recorded video and slides from the Docker Online Meetup.

Arnaud Porterie

Docker 1.11: The first runtime built on containerd and based on OCI technology

We are excited to introduce Docker Engine 1.11, our first release built on runC ™ and containerd ™. With this release, Docker is the first to ship a runtime based on OCI technology, demonstrating the progress the team has made since donating our industry-standard container format and runtime under the Linux Foundation in June of 2015. Over the last year, Docker has helped advance the work of the OCI to make it more readily available to more users. It started in December 2015, when we introduced containerd ™, a daemon to control runC. This was part of our effort to break out Docker into small reusable components. With this release, Docker Engine is now built on containerd, so everyone who is using Docker is now using OCI. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made on the OCI with the 40+ members to continue the work to standardize container Continue reading…

Michael Crosby

Docker containerd integration

In an effort to make Docker Engine smaller, better, faster, stronger, we looked for components of the current engine that we can break out into separate projects and improve along the way. One of those components is the Docker runtime for managing containers. With standalone runtimes like runc, we need a clean integration point for adding runc to the stack as well as managing 100s of containers. So we started the containerd project to move the container supervision out of the core Docker Engine and into a separate daemon. containerd has full support for starting OCI bundles and managing their lifecycle. This allows users to replace the runc binary on their system with an alternate runtime and get the benefits of still using Docker’s API. So why another project? Why are you all busy refactoring things instead of fixing real issues? Well…

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