Docker at DjangoCon US 2013

I had the pleasure of being chosen as a speaker at this years DjangoCon US conference in Chicago last week. My talk was mostly about Docker, but also how you can use it to make your life easier when developing Django. I think the talk went well, but due to the short talk time, I wasn’t able to go into too much of the details around how it relates to Django. I was also the first talk of the conference so I was the guinee pig for some of the technical issues, and my demo didn’t go as well as I had hoped. To make up for these two shortfalls, I felt I owed it to everyone who attended to write up a follow up blog post that included a more detailed demo covering the areas that I wasn’t able Continue reading…

Guillaume J. Charmes

14 great tutorials on Docker

Here are 14 tutorials and articles written by the community on different subjects, that would certainly help you improve your docker skills in minutes. Getting Docker to Run on Linode & Push-button Deployment with Docker by Nick Stinemates – Jun 19 2013 > Deploy Java Apps With Docker = Awesome by Nicola Paolucci – Jun 13, 2013 > Deploying django using docker by Javed Khan – Jun 14, 2013 > Building Your Own Platform Service Using Docker by Jeff Lindsay & Solomon Hykes at GlueCon 2013 – May 22, 2013 > Using Docker to build FireFox by Gregory Szorc – May 19, 2013 >