Jon Chu

DockerCon EU: Introducing Docker Hub Enterprise

There’s many ways to use Hub Enterprise and we’ve seen some pretty cool use cases out in the field. It was great to be on stage at DockerCon in an informal manner. We were able to share what we’ve seen in the wild with Docker Hub Enterprise and dig one level deeper into the overarching philosophy and design principles of the product. In this talk, you get to see differing real world use cases, hear thoughts from us on what we envision for Hub Enterprise, and gather hints at what the future roadmap for Hub Enterprise holds.  

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU: Keynote on Docker Hub and Docker Hub Enterprise

This post covers the second half of the DockerCon EU evening keynote, given on December 4th, 2014. While the first part of the keynote focused on the Docker platform’s new orchestration services, this second part focuses on Docker Hub and its new features. It also covers Docker Hub Enterprise, which was announced during the conference. For your convenience, we’ve divided this part of the keynote into four discrete sections: 1. Introduction to Docker Hub by Scott Johnston 2. The future of Docker Hub by Justen Stepka 3. Bleacher Report case study by Tung Nguyen 4. Introducing Docker Hub Enterprise by Jon Chu and Brian Bland  

David Messina

Docker Announces Docker Hub Enterprise

Powerful turn-key solution for creating multi-container distributed applications behind the firewall San Francisco, Calif., and DockerCon EU, Amsterdam, NL.– December 4, 2014 – Docker, Inc., the company behind the open platform for distributed applications, today announced Docker Hub Enterprise (DHE) – a new product addition to the Docker platform that brings key workflow capabilities for developers and sysadmins managing a dynamic lifecycle behind the enterprise firewall. Docker Hub Enterprise will leverage and extend the capabilities of Docker Hub, the popular hosted service that enables developers to share, distribute and collaborate on Dockerized distributed applications. Offering these critical application lifecycle workflow capabilities in a dedicated form factor meets the security and governance requirements of a class of enterprises that require their software intellectual property (IP) in a control point that is solely their own. Docker also announced that a number of Continue reading…