David Friedlander

Desigual Transforms the In-Store Customer Experience with Docker Enterprise

  At DockerCon Barcelona, we awarded Desigual with the first ever Rising Star Docker Customer Innovation Award. The Desigual team earned the award by building a brand new in-store shopping assistant application in just 5 months thanks to Docker Enterprise. The digital shopping assistant is already deployed at over 100 stores, and is being rolled out to all of Desigual’s 500-plus clothing stores worldwide in the coming months. In this 2 minute video, Desigual gives the highlights of their story: https://youtu.be/BKbD-gW6yI0 The Desigual team analyzed existing sales data and found that of lost in-store sales, 60 percent were because a particular size was out of stock, and 40 percent were because a product wasn’t available in the catalog. They wanted to create a customer-first shopping experience that would stand out among retail clothing brands and help store associates recommend alternatives Continue reading…

Sergio Pineda

Docker at Microsoft Ignite 2018

  Docker will be at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, FL the week of Sept 24th to showcase the latest release of Docker Enterprise. Specifically, we will be sharing insights for how to move your legacy Windows applications from Windows Server 2003/2008 to Windows Server 2016 and Azure. Visit Docker in Booth #644 to learn more about how we’re helping IT organizations learn about Docker Enterprise tools that help you to id and containerize Windows legacy applications. We’ll have technical experts there to answer your questions. Make sure to check out these sessions featuring Docker: From Ops to DevOps with Windows Containers and Windows Server 2019. Specifically we are highlighting Lindsay, a joint Docker Microsoft customer that has migrated Windows legacy apps with Docker Enterprise to Azure. You can get more details about the session here. Thursday 9/27 @ 2pm: HPE Theatre in the HPE booth #2125. Continue reading…

David Friedlander

Disruption from Within: Driving Innovation at Franklin American with Docker EE

When you think of mortgage companies, you think of paperwork. You probably don’t think agile and responsive to customers. But Franklin American Mortgage wanted to disrupt that model. With their investments in innovation, microservices and Docker Enterprise Edition, they’ve been able to quickly create a platform to make technology core to their success. Don Bauer, the DevOps lead at Franklin American is part of an innovation team the mortgage company had established last year to challenge the status quo. Franklin American was doing amazing things and transforming their business — all with Docker Enterprise Edition as the foundation. Don presented at DockerCon 2018 along with Franklin American’s VP of Innovation, Sharon Frazier. They’ve been able to quickly build a DevOps culture around four pillars: Visibility, Simplification, Standardization and Experimentation. Experimentation is key. It lets them fail fast, and fearlessly. In Continue reading…

John Willis

Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps Part 3: The Third Way – Culture of Continuous Experimentation and Learning

written by John Willis, Evangelist at Docker The Third Way of DevOps completes the full cycle. It has also been referred to as just “Continuous Learning”. In DevOps speak, we sometimes allude to the word Kaizen as a method of continuous improvement in an organization. This “Kaizen” being achieved through a culture of continuous experimentation and learning throughout all activities in an organization.

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John Willis

Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps Part 2: The Second Way – Amplify Feedback Loops

written by John Willis, Evangelist at Docker In the previous post in this series, we discussed patterns of applying DevOps principles in a way that yields high performance outcomes. In part two, we are going to discuss what is called “The Second Way”.  This second “way” is ultimately about amplifying and shortening feedback loops such that corrections can be made fast and continuously. This is sometimes referred to as the right to left flow. A defect is not a defect unless it hits the customer. Lean principles teach us that the earlier we can catch a potential downstream defect, the less costly it will be on the overall cost of the service delivery. Therefore the three V’s also apply in this “Second Way”. Velocity of a correction in the flow is essential. Variation also plays a role in the “Second Continue reading…

John Willis

Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps Part 1: The First Way – Systems Thinking

written by John Willis, Evangelist at Docker Have you read Gene Kim’s The Phoenix Project? Some of the principles behind the Phoenix Project and an upcoming book I am co-authoring with Gene (The DevOps Cookbook) have been referred to as the “Three Ways of DevOps”. These are particular patterns of applying DevOps principles in a way that yields high performance outcomes.  

Jacqueline Lum

Online meetup recap: A new model for image distribution

  Continuing our Docker Online meetup series centered on the Docker 1.6 release, we are pleased to share the video recording from Tuesday’s webinar with Stephen Day, distribution tech lead at Docker. In this session, Stephen first gives a little history around the first version of the Docker Registry API V1 before introducing the design of Docker Registry HTTP API V2 and implementation of Registry 2.0. Stephen ends the talk with a preview of the future of Docker image distribution. Check out the video recording and the slides below for more details!

Victor Coisne

Announcing the 3rd Batch of DockerCon 2015 Speakers

Today, we’re excited to share with you the 3rd batch of speakers selected by the DockerCon Community Review Committee. We feel extremely fortunate to have such an amazing and diverse speaker lineup. From Docker use cases to DevOps culture talks and deep technical dives into the Docker ecosystem, there will be awesome content for everyone! In case you missed the it, we’ve already announced many DockerCon speakers in the following tracks: Advanced Technical Culture Uses Cases Hurry up and register know before it’s too late!