Sophia Parafina

Video Series: Modernizing Java Apps for Developers Part 2

Moving a monolithic application to a modern cloud architecture can be difficult and often results in a greenfield development effort. However, it is possible to move towards a cloud architecture using Docker Enterprise Edition with no code changes and gain portability, security and efficiency in the process.   In the first post in this series, we discussed how you don’t need to do a full re-architecture of your application to microservices when using Docker Enterprise Edition. In the second installment of the series, I go into the details of containerization of the application. This process builds containers using the application code as-is. I’ll follow three simple rules: Keep the existing architecture Keep the save version of the OS, components and application Keep deployment simple, i.e. static not elastic I’ll also demonstrate how to use multi-stage build file to compile the code and deploy it to application Continue reading…

Elton Stoneman

Video Series: Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers

 Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)  is the container platform for modernizing your existing applications, and running them in the cloud or on-premises. You can take monoliths and run them in containers with no code changes, and that gets you portability, security and efficiency. Running in Docker is also a great starting point for modernizing the application architecture. You can breaking down the monolith into smaller, independent components which makes it easier to deploy updates, manage scale and introduce new technologies. This new video series covers app modernization, for .NET developers and architects. It walks through the evolution of a monolithic ASP.NET 3.5 app to a distributed application running across multiple containers, using the Docker platform to plug everything together and adding features with great open-source software from the Docker ecosystem. This is not a full re-architecture to microservices – for large .NET apps Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Convince your manager to send you to DockerCon

Has it sunk in yet that DockerCon is in roughly 2 months? That’s right, this year we gather in April as a community and ecosystem in Austin, Texas for 3 days of deep learning and networking (with a side serving of Docker fun). DockerCon is the annual community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. If Docker is important to your daily workflow or your business, you and your team (reach out for group discounts) should attend this conference to stay up to date on the latest progress with the Docker platform and ecosystem. Do you really want to go to DockerCon, but are having a hard time convincing your manager on pulling the trigger to send you? Have you already explained that sessions, training and hands-on exercises are definitely worth the financial Continue reading…

Adam Herzog

New Innovators Showcase @ DockerCon 2015

At this year’s DockerCon conference in San Francisco, we will be featuring six startups using Docker in our pilot New Innovators Showcase. This pilot program gives these early-stage startups a space to exhibit their work. This year’s New Innovators Showcase at DockerCon includes:, Opbeat, Cloud9, Converge, Logentries and Apcera. These six startups will be demo-ing their product on Tuesday, June 23 at DockerCon 2015.   In their own words: makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on remote devices. Our goal is to empower you to write great applications for devices – both in the virtual realm and those that cross over into the physical world – without having to worry about the friction involved in getting your hardware working and keeping your application up to date. Doing this manually involves setting up an operating system, Continue reading…

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Adam Herzog

Online Meetup recap: Docker Compose 1.2

Continuing our Docker Online meetup series centered on the Docker 1.6 release, we are pleased to share the video recording from Wednesday’s webinar with Aanand Prasad the lead maintainer of Compose. In this session, Aanand detailed new key features and the first step towards a Docker Compose / Swarm integration. Thank you for all of your brilliant questions and we look forward to seeing you next week for the final presentation of the series with Stephen Day. Stephen will walk us through the central architecture of Docker Registry 2.0 for pushing and pulling images. He will leave plenty of time to take your questions. RSVP to stay up to speed on event details.

Adam Herzog

DockerCon 2015 Hackathon: Ready to Hack Docker?

The Docker team is organizing a 24-hour hackathon for the Docker community during the weekend before DockerCon 2015. Thanks to help from our sponsor Rancher Labs, this year’s DockerCon Hackathon will be our largest ever! Spots are limited for this year’s hackathon, so be sure to RSVP now. Didn’t get a spot? Don’t worry: just join the waitlist and we’ll let you know when a spot opens up. Please note that all registrations must be completed through Eventbrite and that an RSVP to the Hackathon does not include access to the DockerCon conference – click here to purchase a ticket for the DockerCon 2015 conference.

Your Docker Agenda in May

April was quite an eventful month for the Docker Community. By the end of April, over 1,200 people attended the 24 birthday events organized by the Docker community in 11 countries. With the overwhelming number of contributions we received, we were able to donate $25,000 to the Oceanic Society. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and expertise to make these events a success.     In the month of May, there will be lots of fantastic events across the world. Have a look at the agenda for this month and make sure not to miss the Docker meetups in your region.

David Messina

Docker’s 2nd Birthday Wishes: Q&A with Solomon Hykes, Founder of Docker

Docker turns two this week. To celebrate the incredible contributions of our community in such a short period of time and to continue to support and grow it, we are kicking off our first ever open-source-a-thon. The goal is to introduce the skill and potential of contributing to open source to over 1,500 developers around the world, while supporting a charity near and dear to us; marine life and oceanic conservation. We wish to adopt a real female blue whale–Molly Dock–to be a companion to our own Moby Dock.   Aside from our collective wishes for more open source and better oceanic conservation, we asked Solomon what his birthday wishes were for the Docker community he founded two years ago this week. We also asked him to reflect on the initial Docker launch at Pycon and other accomplishments of the Continue reading…