Roger Egan

Docker Joins Dell’s Multi-Cloud Roadmap

Today, Dell took another stride forward with its multi-cloud roadmap by launching the Dell Cloud Marketplace beta program, which includes key industry alliances with Docker, Delphix and Pertino. The Dell Cloud Marketplace provides developers and IT managers with the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services from a range of vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Joyent. This can be achieved through a single, unified console on     We at Docker are in full support of Dell’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of multi-cloud environments, particularly given the imperative of the Docker open platform toward ensuring portability across any infrastructure. Dell’s model for multi-cloud environments is forces, we are further validating the power of Docker for the cloud. Together, we will provide developers with the ability to utilize Docker for frictionless application Continue reading…

Ben Golub

Docker Out in Force at the OpenStack Summit

I. Overview The 2013 OpenStack summit has come to a close, and Docker was out in force. We sent a full 16% of the company there! (Well, three people—Ben Golub, Sam Alba, and Nick Stinemates). The conference itself was incredible—over 3,000 people from 58 countries were there, over 2/3 of whom had never attended a summit before. Overall, the pace of OpenStack adoption and growth has been very impressive. (For a quick overview on OpenStack, see the keynote,  or Randy Bias and Scott Sanchez’s latest “State of the Stack” talk.) While a Docker driver for OpenStack Nova had already been accepted into OpenStack for the Havana release, it became clear during the conference that Docker and containers had impacts and implications far beyond the Nova driver.