David Messina

Docker Project Announces Open-Source-a-thon to Support Whale and Marine Wildlife Conservation

Docker Project Announces Open-Source-a-thon to Support Whale and Marine Wildlife Conservation Partnering with Oceanic Society to link open source contributions to driving “blue” conservation SAN FRANCISCO – February 19, 2015 – The Docker Project, the open platform for distributed applications, today announced it will be organizing an open-source-a-thon where Docker core team members will teach and mentor people in how to contribute to open source. Contributions include code, documentation, tutorials, videos, and mentoring. Each contribution to the Docker Project will also support the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve oceans. The program is timed to coincide with the project’s 2nd birthday and is focused on a cause – ocean and marine life health – that is important to its millions of users. Docker’s logo, Moby Dock, is a blue whale that was contributed and selected by its community.  The Continue reading…

Steve Francia

Introducing Docker’s New Open Source Community Manager

I’m thrilled to introduce Docker’s new open source community manager, Thea Lamkin. Thea (pronounced Tey-uh) will be focused on the contributor community and experience. She joins us from New Relic, where she was very active in building a great developer-centric community.   Our contributor community could not be in better hands. Thea has deep passion for and experience with communities, developer or otherwise. Prior to New Relic she managed communities at Flickr and Tiny Speck (pre-Slack). At Flickr Thea had the challenging experience of working with the community and the mountain of mostly negative feedback around Flickr’s major redesign in 2013. It was through this experience that she developed the ability to manage any difficult situation in a graceful and constructive way.

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU: The future of the Docker project by Solomon Hykes

In this post, Solomon Hykes talks about the people and the numbers behind the Docker project. From the role of the Docker Governance Advisory Board (DGAB) to the review of the metrics associated with pull requests (PRs), Solomon reaffirmes his commitment to a federated, open-design project. By breaking down the project into sub-systems like Networking, Storage, Image Distribution, Trust, etc Solomon invites the “Human Stack” of contributors, maintainers, architects and other stakeholders to collaborate and define a new model for open source at large scale.  

Victor Coisne

Dockercon video: Contributing to Docker

In this session, Andrew “Tianon” Page from InfoSiftr covers many aspects of contributing to the Docker project. Not all of them involve submitting code improvements via pull requests, or even having sizable coding knowledge! Contributions can come in the form of technical help on IRC and the mailing lists, reviewing/triaging GitHub issues and pull requests, filing new issues, packaging, and of course sending pull requests for bug fixes, feature enhancements, and/or documentation.         Contribute Join the #docker IRC channel Docker Events and Meetup View the list of upcoming events & meetup Find a Docker meetup group Try Docker and stay up-to-date Try our online tutorial Sign up for Docker Weekly

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