Jenny Burcio

Your Guide to ContainerCamp UK

#ContainerCamp UK kicks off tomorrow in the heart of London’s Piccadilly and we can hardly contain our excitement. There are loads of Docker talks that you won’t want to miss!   Friday, September 9th   9:55 am: Ben Firshman, Director of Product Management at Docker – Building serverless apps with Docker Everyone’s talking about serverless right now. For good reason – it’s makes distributed apps much simpler to build, scale, and maintain. In this session, Ben will demonstrate how you can use Docker to mix in serverless techniques – right now – and how serverless is going to change how you build distributed apps in the future.   11:15 am: Nishant Totla, Docker Software Engineer – Orchestrating Linux containers while tolerating failures Management of containers in production requires special care in order to keep the application up and running. In this Continue reading…

John Willis

New Dockercast episode with Avi Cavale from Shippable

In case you missed it, we launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast earlier this month including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast episode, we catch up with Avi Cavale the Co-founder & CEO at Shippable. We start off with a conversation where I ask him why he thinks there has been such an explosion of Docker adoption.  This leads us into the the ideas behind immutable infrastructure and immutable delivery models. Avi discusses how Shippable has focused on making the delivery pipeline easier for developers. We also discuss some anti-patterns he calls Frankenstein Continuous Integration (CI) where, although Jenkins is awesome, the glue to put a robust CI system together can be reasonably complex. What Shippable tried to do is abstract away some of those complexities for developers.  We end up talking about different Docker patterns Shippable Continue reading…

Greg Werner

Docker Cloud to the Rescue

3Blades offers data science collaboration services. In addition to offering task based project management features, 3Blades also allows users to spawn custom workspace, model and data source instances within the context of their projects. A variety of resource configurations are available for different instance types. For example, a user can launch an RStudio IDE workspace with a 1 vCPU and 2 GB of memory and another Hadoop datasource instance with 2vCPU and 4 GB of memory. Docker is a natural fit to enable this type of flexibility. It didn’t take very long for our team to go ‘all in’ with Docker. We were thrilled when we saw the added benefit of being able to quickly deploy our application stack after green builds with Continuous Integration tools. However, we struggled with a few issues when running multiple instances of our services, Continue reading…

Chris Hines

CI/CD with Docker Cloud

So you want to innovate faster, right? Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) are some of the most common, but impactful use cases for teams who are looking to Dockerize their environment. The key to CI/CD is being able to automate the workflow, while still keeping the necessary features in place (like performing tests and leveraging staging environments) to assure the quality of your applications.

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John Willis

Why I Love Docker… and Why You’ll Love it Too

About Me John Willis joined docker from the recent Socketplane acquisition. John is one of the founding members of the core Devopsdays team and was an early executive of both Chef and Enstratius (sold to Dell).   A little history… In early February 2013, I received a tweet from Adrian Cole telling me that I should talk to this Dotcloud outfit. I typically don’t ignore Adrian (not a wise move), but this time, in all honesty, I ignored his tweet. At the time, the public PaaS market was a race to the bottom. Heroku was killing Engine Yard and I wasn’t really a fan of this space anyway. I felt PaaS’s were too opinionated for building infrastructure and a Public PaaS made it even worse. About two weeks went by and I received another ping from someone else telling me that I Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Your Docker schedule at IBM Interconnect 2015

Next week starts the giant IBM Interconnect Conference in Las Vegas, NV. If you are attending the conference come talk to us at the Docker Booth 202-4 and learn more about Docker by attending some of the sessions listed below. The Docker team will be there through out the conference to answer all the questions you might have, share Docker best practices and give away Docker t-shirts!  

Victor Coisne

Dockercon EU: Breakouts from Day 1

In this post we are thrilled to share with you all the videos and slides from the breakout sessions which took place on the first day of DockerCon Europe. From original Docker use cases in bioinformatics and radio Astronomy to more classic use cases on Continuous Delivery, these videos include a ton of Docker insights, tips and tricks. Enjoy! Evaluating and ranking genome assemblers by Michael Barton  

Victor Coisne

DockerCon Europe Keynote: Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise by Henk Kolk (ING)

In this keynote, Henk Kolk, Chief Architect at ING, talks about Continuous Delivery in a large financial services company. Kolk details the business benefits of ING’s DevOps transformation and highlights the role Docker played in speeding up innovation cycles.