John Willis

New Dockercast episode with Ilan Rabinovitch from Datadog

In case you missed it, we launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast earlier this month including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast we talk to Ilan Rabinovitch the Director of Technical Community at Datadog.  I first met Ilan back at SCALE8X (Southern California Linux Expo) 6 years ago.  Ilan has been running SCALE since it’s inception. As Ilan points out in the podcast, our very own Jérôme Petazzoni packed the house back at SCALE11x (2013).  At Datadog Ilan has been working with the Docker community on monitoring containers and developing what Datadog calls their Monitoring-as-a-Service offering that combines Docker metadata and Docker container monitoring information.  Ilan discusses some of the differences of monitoring containers versus virtual machines. We also talk about Datadog’s adoption surveys highlighting the unprecedented  “wildfire” adoption of technology unseen since Linux and Continue reading…

Nathan LeClaire

#SwarmWeek: Realtime Cluster Monitoring with Docker Swarm and Riemann

Lately I’ve become fascinated with Riemann, a piece of software written in Clojure for the purpose of supervising the health of distributed systems. Created by Kyle Kingsbury (a.k.a. aphyr) of Jepsen fame, Riemann is a powerful tool for montioring, processing, and responding to information from your cattle herd.

Peter Salvatore

Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program: Monitoring

Monitoring solutions for Docker containers Software applications are changing, and by extension, so are the requirements of application monitoring systems. Docker enables developers to iterate faster with software architectures consisting of many small and isolated microservices. This poses a challenge to traditional monitoring solutions as the target processes are no longer statically allocated or tied to particular hosts. Monitoring systems are now expected to track ephemeral and rapidly scaling sets of containers. Thankfully, the Docker Engine exposes APIs for container metadata, lifecycle events, and key performance metrics (Docker 1.5+) that enable the development of robust monitoring solutions. Today we are highlighting a number of these solutions that have demonstrated quality integrations with Docker APIs and provide a compelling user experience.

John Willis

Docker Tutorial 8 – Troubleshooting with Sysdig

This is a casual Docker tutorial series. We will start out first with very simple sessions on how to install and use the docker run command. In future videos we will hit more advanced topics.

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