Victor Coisne

Online Meetup Recap: Docker Swarm 0.2.0

As you might already by now, we scheduled a series of Docker online meetups covering the updates included in the release of the latest versions of Docker Engine, Registry, Compose, Swarm, and Machine. Two weeks ago, Tibor Vass (core maintainer on Docker Engine) kicked off the festivities by presenting the new features of Docker Engine 1.6: labels, logging, builder, and more. Last week, Nathan LeClaire (Core maintainer of Docker Machine) covered the Docker Machine 0.2 and its new capabilities. And this week, it was Alexandre Beslic‘s turn to demo the nuts and bolts of Docker Swarm 0.2: resource management, advanced scheduling with constraints and affinities, discovery backends, etc.

Andrea Luzzardi

Scaling Docker with Swarm

We are extremely excited to announce the first beta release of Swarm, a native clustering tool for Docker. For the past two years, Docker has made the lives of millions of developers easier by making building, shipping and running applications simpler through containers. However, things get complicated when dealing with more than one host for Docker containers in a distributed environment.  This is where Swarm comes in. Swarm pools together several Docker Engines and exposes them as a single virtual Docker Engine. It serves the standard Docker API, so any tool that already works with Docker can now transparently scale up to multiple hosts.