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Learn Docker at DockerCon 2016: Exclusive trainings for DockerCon attendees!

We are excited to offer special full day training classes exclusive to DockerCon 2016 attendees immediately following the conference on Wednesday. After all the excitement of DockerCon, this day is to help you go into the fundamentals of Docker.

Mano Marks

Docker at OSCON: The Highlights

OSCON is the largest open source conference of the year, and Docker has a big presence again this year. OSCON starts with Open Container Day because of the importance the container ecosystem has taken on for the open source world. There will be lots of Docker content at OSCON and Open Container Day, including a keynote by Docker’s founder, CTO and Chief Product Officer, Solomon Hykes, on May 18th. There’s too many sessions on Docker at OSCON to include in just one blog post, so here are the highlights from the Docker team:

Trisha McCanna

Docker at EMC World 2016

It’s the time again, this week EMC will welcome thousands of its customers and partners for EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas. Come visit Docker with the EMC {code} team in booth #1044 to learn about Docker is transforming modern application infrastructures. Docker experts will be on-hand for live demos, community talks, theater and breakout sessions. If you’re at EMCworld, here are the Docker-centric sessions we recommend you attend:

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Your Docker Agenda for April

Thank you Docker community for your amazing collaborations last month! In March, the community organized over 125 Docker Birthday #3 local trainings and celebrations. This month, you can still catch a few more birthday events and lots of other awesome Docker events! From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, here is our list of Docker events coming up in April.

Mano Marks

Docker at /Build

Every year, Microsoft welcomes thousands of developers to their /Build conference. This year, whether you’re attending live in San Francisco, or watching online, there will be lots of Docker at /Build. Building from the announcement last week of the beta for Docker for Mac and Windows, we’re excited to share at /Build how Docker is making improvements to the developer toolbox providing developers the flexibility, from desktop to cloud, to accelerate application development and deploy anywhere.

Karen Bajza

Your Docker Agenda for March

  March is packed with plenty of great events including over 75 Docker Birthday #3 local celebrations to learn all about Docker! From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, check out our list of events that are coming up in March.