Michelle Antebi

Docker Community Spotlight: Luisa Marieth Morales

Maintaining and running one of the largest and most active Docker Meetup groups is no easy task. Since joining the Docker New York City Meetup group in March 2015, Luisa Marieth Morales, along with her co-organizers, Dusty Mabe and Jesse White, have put on 11 events for a group of 2,527 members with an average of 176 RSVPs per event. Luisa’s contributions have been nothing short of essential in fostering an enthusiastic and eager Docker community. We recently sat down with Luisa and took a deep dive into her role where we discussed her insights on being an organizer and her predictions for the future of the Docker NYC Meetup group.

Victor Coisne

Docker Community Spotlight: Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta (@arungupta) wears many hats: VP of Developer Advocacy at Couchbase, author of a best-selling book, an avid runner, founding member of Devoxx4Kids USA, Java Champion, dedicated father, globe trotter, JUG leader and a Docker Captain. Arun first started blogging about Docker in July 2014 with a tech tip on how to get started. He now has published over 65 posts on Docker on his blog and the Couchbase blog. In addition to creating awesome Docker content, Arun has spoken at tons of conferences including JavaOne, Red Hat Summit and OSCON and we are excited to have him deliver a Docker for Java Developers workshop at DockerCon 2016 on June 19 in Seattle, WA. We recently sat down with Arun to discuss why he is passionate about Docker, open source software and teaching kids to code.