Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.2.0: stability, full interactive mode, community layers, better networking

Hi everyone, Exactly one month after our first release, I am very excited to announce Docker version 0.2.0. The primary focus of this release is stability, but it also packs several cool new features. Before diving in, let me just say that the volume and quality of contributions we’ve received – bug reports, feedback, advice, pull requests – has blown my mind. I can’t thank you enough for your help, people. Now let’s make sure Docker lives up to your expectations! CONTENTS ========= * 0.2.0 Summary * Stability * Full interactive mode * Community layers * Static port allocation * Access ports on localhost * What’s next * Searchable index * Open-source registry * Data volumes * Remote API * Runtime API * Build! * How you can help * Hack day on May 2