Patrick Chanezon

docker run -ti chanezon/dockerized Chanezon -v

I am a software platform builder. I joined Docker last week, to help Solomon and the Docker team build the distributed computing platform we need for the next decade, as software eats the world and is assembled in systems composed of high number of devices collaborating with even higher numbers of cloud services: a future where the paint covering the walls of your house will host thousands of units of computing, some of them getting power from the Sun, others collaborating with millions of cloud services. About me I am a software developer and storyteller, but above all, a platform guy. I spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape & Sun, then 10 years evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware & Microsoft. My main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called Platforms.

Victor Coisne

Dockercon video: Decker, Cloud Foundry with Docker

In this video, Colin Humphreys from CloudCredo introduces Decker, a new project that bring together the power of Cloud Foundry and Docker. In addition to the video and slides below, you can find more details about Decker in this blog post.          Learn More Watch another demo video on Decker by Colin Humphreys Docker Events and Meetup View the list of upcoming events & meetup Find a Docker meetup group Try Docker and stay up-to-date Try our online tutorial Sign up for Docker Weekly

Docker Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

This morning, the Cloud Foundry Foundation announced its expanded roster of sponsors.  Docker was part of that list, for a number of reasons: 1) Generally speaking, we are excited to see the pace of innovation in the Platform as a Service space, and are glad to see that open source projects like Cloud Foundry and others are leading the way 2) As big believers in open governance, we are happy to support projects that are seeking broad-based participation, with influence driven fundamentally by code contribution 3) We are excited by the many moves across the PaaS landscape to leverage Docker as an interoperable, lightweight platform for packaging, building, and shipping applications. This includes some prominent examples of using Docker in conjunction with Cloud Foundry, including: a) Docker plus Stackato b) Docker in Baidu c) Managing Stateful Docker Containers with Cloud Foundry Continue reading…