Jenny Fong

Docker at Nutanix .NEXT Conference – Visit us at Booth #S11

Today marks the start of Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Washington, D.C., the annual conference for Nutanix customers and partners. One of the major themes of the conference is hybrid cloud, and Docker will be there to demonstrate how Docker Enterprise Edition delivers application portability across different infrastructure platforms through a complete enterprise-ready Container as a Service (CaaS) solution for IT. Docker and Nutanix will also be highlighting the Nutanix Docker Volume Plug-in (DVP), a Docker Certified Plugin available in the Docker Store. This plugin connects Docker containers to enterprise-grade persistent storage from Nutanix even as the container is powered on, powered off, or moved to a new host. As part of the certification process, Docker and Nutanix validate that the plugin is built with Docker recommended best practices and passes an additional suite of API compliance testing and vulnerability scanning. Continue reading…

Betty Junod

The Latest Docker Certified Container and Plugins for March and April 2017

The Docker Certification Program provides a way for technology partners to validate and certify their software or plugin as a container for use on the Docker Enterprise Edition platform.  Since the initial launch of the program in March, more Containers and Plugins have been certified and available for download.   Certified Containers and Plugins are technologies that are built with best practices as Docker containers, tested and validated against the Docker Enterprise Edition platform and APIs, pass security requirements, reviewed by Docker partner engineering and cooperatively supported by both Docker and the partner. Docker Enterprise Edition and Certified Technology provide assurance and support to businesses for their critical application infrastructure. Check out the latest Docker Certified technologies to the Docker Store: Dynatrace provides monitoring Docker applications and Docker clusters out of the box. {code} by Dell EMC certified a number of REX-ray Continue reading…

Nandhini Santhanam

Enterprise Ready Software from Docker Store

Docker Store is the place to discover and procure trusted, enterprise-ready containerized software – free, open source and commercial. Docker Store is the evolution of the Docker Hub, which is the world’s largest container registry, catering to millions of users. As of March 1, 2017, we crossed 11 billion pulls from the public registry!  Docker Store leverages the public registry’s massive user base and ensures our customers – developers, operators and enterprise Docker users get what they ask for. The Official Images program was developed to create a set of curated and trusted content that developers could use as a foundation for building containerized software. From the lessons learned and best practices, Docker recently launched a certification program that  enables ISVs, around the world to take advantage of Store in offering great software, packaged to operate optimally on the Docker platform. The Docker Store Continue reading…

Chris Hines

Webinar Q&A: Introducing Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)

A few weeks ago we announced Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), the trusted, certified and supported container platform. Docker EE enables IT teams to establish a Containers as a Service (CaaS) environment to converge legacy, ISV and microservices apps into a single software supply chain that is flexible, secure and infrastructure independent. With a built in orchestration architecture (swarm mode) Docker EE allows app teams to compose and schedule simple to complex apps to drive their digital transformation initiatives. On March 14th we hosted a live webinar to provide an overview and demonstration of Docker EE. View the recorded session below and read through some of the most popular questions. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How is Docker EE licensed? A: Docker EE is licensed per node. A node is an instance running on a bare metal or virtual server. For more Continue reading…

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Dan Powers

Introducing the Docker Certification Program for Infrastructure, Plugins and Containers

In conjunction with the introduction of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), we are excited to announce the Docker Certification Program and availability of partner technologies through Docker Store. A vibrant ecosystem is a sign of a healthy platform and by providing a program that aligns Docker’s commercial platform with the innovation coming from our partners; we are collectively expanding choice for customers investing in the Docker platform. The Docker Certification Program is designed for both technology partners and enterprise customers to recognize Containers and Plugins that excel in quality, collaborative support and compliance. Docker Certification is aligned to the available Docker EE infrastructure and gives enterprises a trusted way to run more technology in containers with support from both Docker and the publisher. Customers can quickly identify the Certified Containers and Plugins with visible badges and be confident that they were built with Continue reading…