Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.7 runs on all Linux distributions – and 6 other major features

So, Docker 0.7 is finally here! We hope you’ll like it. On top of countless bug fixes and small usability improvements, it introduces 7 major features since 0.6.0: Feature 1: Standard Linux support Feature 2: Storage drivers Feature 3: Offline transfer Feature 4: Links Feature 5: Container naming Feature 6: Advanced port redirects Feature 7: Quality You can see the full Changelog on the repository, and read below for details on each feature.

Jérôme Petazzoni

BTRFS support for docker

Hi all, A couple of weeks ago, at the end of the docker hackday, I demo-ed dockerlite[1], a re-implementation of docker with posix shell scripts, and using BTRFS instead of AUFS for images and containers storage. Dockerlite proved itself to be an incredibly useful sandbox to test new concepts. The first result is the implementation of basic docker operations using BTRFS instead of AUFS. Instead of using AUFS layers, it uses BTRFS subvolumes and snapshots. It is very efficient (since it doesn’t have to perform copy-up like AUFS) and down the road should be a more viable option than AUFS.