Betty Junod

Docker and Booz Allen Hamilton Modernize Traditional Apps in Government IT

Existing applications and infrastructure account for the majority of IT spend in maintenance and support. Docker and Booz Allen Hamilton are partnering together to help Federal agencies modernize traditional apps with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), deploy onto modern infrastructure to save infrastructure and operational costs, increase security and gain workload portability. This program helps accelerate the path to modern microservices and infrastructure with containers: First by containerizing the app in place and using container architecture to break up the app into smaller services over time The full stack portability provided by Docker EE allows for workload consolidation for greater app density per server, accelerate hardware refresh cycles and cloud migration. Lastly, Docker EE provides new levels of security for the legacy app. Scanning provides binary level visibility into components and their security profile for proactive remediation and configurable isolation properties Continue reading…

Adam Herzog

DockerCon 2015 Videos: Day 2 of Use Case

More videos from the DockerCon 2015 conference are now available! Below are the recorded video and slides from the sessions on Day 2 in the Use Case track at DockerCon 2015. We will publish the remaining videos this week on the blog – stay tuned for updates!