Chris Hines

What To Expect from Docker at AWS re:Invent 2016

It’s the age of IT transformation. Spurred on by developers, adoption of Docker containers has empowered application teams to transform the way they build, ship and run applications, allowing for faster and more frequent delivery. Initially seen as a tool mainly for developers, Docker is now at the center of key enterprise initiatives, and has attracted the attention of IT operations teams. Enterprise IT ops teams use Docker to maintain control over their environment and boost security as they embrace cloud strategies like hybrid cloud and multi-cloud.   Docker at AWS re:Invent 2016 This adoption of Docker within the cloud is why we are excited to be at AWS re:Invent 2016. If you’re going to be at the show, we hope you stop by booth #622. Docker employees will be showing live demos, and will be on hand to answer Continue reading…

Trisha McCanna

Docker Datacenter in AWS and Azure in a few clicks

Introducing Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart and Azure Marketplace Templates production-ready, high availability deployments in just a few clicks. The Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart uses a CloudFormation templates and pre-built templates on Azure Marketplace to make it easier than ever to deploy an enterprise CaaS Docker environment on public cloud infrastructures. The Docker Datacenter Container as a Service (CaaS) platform for agile application development provides container and cluster orchestration and management that is simple, secure and scalable for enterprises of any size. With our new cloud templates pre-built for Docker Datacenter, developers and IT operations can frictionlessly move dockerized applications to an Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure environment without any code changes. Now businesses can quickly realize greater efficiency of computing and operations resources and Docker supported container management and orchestration in just a few steps.   What is Docker Datacenter? Docker Datacenter includes Docker Continue reading…

Michael Friis

Introducing the Docker for AWS and Azure Beta

Today, we’re excited to announce Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure. Our goals for Docker for AWS and Azure are the same as for Docker for Mac and Windows: Deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move apps from developer laptops to Docker staging and production environments, without risk of incompatibilities or lock-in. Integrate deeply with underlying infrastructure to make sure Docker takes advantage of the host environment’s native capabilities and exposes a familiar interface to administrators. Deploy the Docker platform to all the places where you want to run containerized apps, simply and efficiently and at no extra cost. Make sure the latest and greatest Docker versions are available for the hardware, OSs, and infrastructure you love, and provide solid upgrade paths from one Docker version to the next.

Trisha McCanna

Docker Subscription on AWS Now Available in Europe

Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine with Business Day Support are now available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) European regions allowing customers to build, ship and run distributed applications. Announced today at DockerCon Europe, Docker Subscription for AWS has expanded its availability beyond the AWS US regions to now include AWS’s EU regions. Docker Subscription for AWS is available on demand through the AWS Marketplace with 30 day free trial, hourly and annual subscription options.

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker Agenda for AWS re:Invent 2015

Headed to Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2015 tomorrow? So are we! Stop by booth #445 to say hi to the team, learn more about Docker and AWS and pick up some cool swag. We know there are so many great breakout sessions at this year’s conference but we’ve compiled our list of the top must-attend Docker talks at AWS re:Invent 2015 below. Our best advice is to sign up for Jérôme’s talk now – the Docker talk by Docker last year was so packed that the organizers added another Docker talk from the Docker team! Jérôme’s talk is the only Docker talk by Docker this year so make sure you sign up now to save a seat! Heard at #reinvent ‘Are we at @Docker con?’ — Lynn Langit (@lynnlangit) November 13, 2014 @upthecyberpunks I could not get near Continue reading…

Betty Junod

The Texas Tribune: Our Docker Journey

written by Daniel Craigmile, System Architect, The Texas Tribune We’re fans of Docker at The Texas Tribune. We’ve been playing with it since well before the 1.0 release and immediately started incorporating it into our infrastructure when the first production-ready code was released in June of last year. Today Docker is the foundation for a large part of our platform. This is the story of how we got there. We’re a small nonprofit news organization that reports primarily on state-level politics and policy. We have a main news site (, an op-ed site ( and several other sites developed by our very capable News Apps team. Our environment is mostly a mix of legacy applications, static sites and frequently-created new apps. The main site is based on Django but also uses Ruby, Node and a slew of dependencies for each.

Mike Graboski

Get Docker on Demand for Amazon Web Services

Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Engine and Business Day Support available for a free 30 day trial to build, ship and run distributed applications in Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular place for companies of all sizes to run their test farms and production clusters. Many of the world’s most popular websites like Yelp, Gilt and Spotify run at scale on AWS using Docker.   We started simplifying the developer workflow earlier this year with an AWS driver for Docker Machine to automate the provisioning of AWS instances and deploying Docker Engine with the single command ‘machine create’. At DockerCon, we added Docker Trusted Registry AMI on the AWS Marketplace to allow development teams to store, manage and collaborate on their Docker images with a registry service deployable in your AWS VPC, and today we take that Continue reading…

Ben Golub

Docker-based Multi-Container Applications Run on AWS Cloud with Introduction of the EC2 Container Service

It was great to have Werner Vogels up on stage talking about “why developers love containers.”  That was a wonderful lead in to my Docker presentation in front of the 13,500+ person audience at AWS re:Invent listening to Werner’s keynote.  That kind of visibility is inspiring, but the thing I’m most excited about today is what great news there is for Docker and AWS customers with the launch of the Amazon EC2 Container Service. This new product reflects AWS’ customer-driven approach to their cloud services and a recognition that their application developer community is clamoring for more Docker-based capabilities.  One can understand why, after listening to fellow keynote presenter Pristine highlight their application that provides seamless, secure Google Glass communication powered by Docker and AWS.  Pristine’s application is reshaping industries like healthcare where it can bring remote providers to the Continue reading…