Michael Crosby

A tour of containerd 1.0

  We have done a few talks in the past on different features of containerd, how it was designed, and some of the problems that we have fixed along the way. Containerd is used by Docker, Kubernetes CRI, and a few other projects but this is a post for people who may not know what containerd actually does within these platforms.  I would like to do more posts on the feature set and design of containerd in the future but for now, we will start with the basics. I think the container ecosystem can be confusing at times. Especially with the terminology that we use. Whats this? A runtime. And this? A runtime…  containerd (pronounced “container-dee”) as the name implies, not contain nerd as some would like to troll me with, is a container daemon.  It was originally built as an integration Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

containerd livestream recap

In case you missed it last month, we announced that Docker is extracting a key component of its container platform, a part of the engine plumbing called containerd – a core container runtime – and committed to donating it to an open foundation. You can find up-to-date roadmap, architecture and API definitions in the Github repository, and more details about the project in our engineering team’s blog post. You can also watch the following video recording of the containerd online meetup, for a summary and Q&A with Arnaud Porterie, Michael Crosby, Stephen Day, Patrick Chanezon and Solomon Hykes from the Docker team: Here is the list of top questions we got following this announcement: Q. Are you planning to run docker without runC ? A. Although runC is the default runtime, as of  Docker 1.12, it can be replaced by any other OCI-compliant implementation. Docker will be Continue reading…

Steve Francia

Docker Governance Advisory Board: 2nd meeting

On February 17th, the Docker project had its second Docker Governance Advisory Board ( DGAB ) meeting to discuss the operations of the project. As this was our second meeting, it was great to see everyone again. As a bit of background, the DGAB was established June 2014 with the intent of providing greater openness, while serving as an essential check to ensure that the Docker Project is serving the needs of its users. The goal of this advisory board is “to advise the Docker Project leadership on matters related to supporting the long term governance, structure, and roadmap of the Docker project.” The DGAB consists of representatives of the community, including contributors, corporations and our users.

Solomon Hykes

Announcing Docker 0.6

Events API, build and registry improvements, expert mode, security updates, and more. Notice: If you are currently using the Ubuntu PPA to install docker you will need to modify your APT sources in order to upgrade to docker 0.6.0.  Please visit http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/ubuntulinux/  for the new repository information. Dear Dockers, Wow, we have quite a release for you today. Since the last release just one month ago, the project has received 378 commits by 40 different contributors! In addition to boatloads of usability improvements and bugfixes, 0.6 introduces a websockets events api, upgrades to the Dockerfile syntax, a major improvement of the registry download and upload protocol, tighter security and access control, an “expert mode” for advanced usage scenarios, and much more. You can see the full changelog here. We hope you like it. Solomon & the Docker team

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Ben Golub

Getting to Docker 1.0

Last week, someone posted a tweet about Docker that was both one of the funniest– and one of the scariest– we’d seen. Ready 2 deploy @docker. Can’t wait to ignore “not production ready” warnings. Docker is less than 6 months old, and is currently at version 0.5.1. We – and the Docker community – are still rapidly iterating. So, we make a point of saying that we’re not production ready. However, with companies like eBay, Cloudflare, and Mailgun talking about plans to use us in production, and with major projects like Deis, Flynn, and CoreOS building on top of us, getting to a “production ready” state has assumed paramount importance. Our current goal is to release a production ready version of Docker in October.

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.5.0: external volumes, advanced networking, self hosted registry

Introducing Docker 0.5.0 Dear Dockers, Today we are happy to introduce a new release of Docker. In addition to numerous stability and usability fixes, this release adds support for external volumes, advanced networking options, a vastly improved self-hosted registry, and dozens of other improvements.

Guillaume J. Charmes

Awesome projects from the Docker community

Everyday the Docker community is building awesome tools and projects with and for Docker. Today we want to share some of them with you. 1. Projects built with Docker JiffyLab – web based environment for the instruction, or lightweight use of, Python and UNIX shell by Preston Holmes – 26 Jun, 2013 > https://github.com/ptone/jiffylab > http://ptone.com/dablog/2013/06/introducing-jiffylab/ > http://www.youtube.com/embed/NkPO6nb9owE Dokku – Docker powered mini-Heroku. The smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen by Jeff Lindsay – Jun 10, 2013 > http://progrium.com/blog/2013/06/19/dokku-the-smallest-paas-implementation-youve-ever-seen/ > https://github.com/progrium/dokku > http://vimeo.com/68631325 Memcached as a Service by Julien Barbier – Apr 14, 2013 > https://github.com/jbarbier/SaaS_Memcached > http://www.slideshare.net/julienbarbier42/building-a-saas-using-docker > http://www.memcachedasaservice.com/

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.4: Remote API, Build, Openstack Integration

Introducing Docker 0.4.0 ================== Dear Dockers, Today we are happy to introduce a new release of Docker. In addition to numerous stability and usability fixes, this release introduces 2 highly anticipated features: Remote API and Build, as well as a very cool Openstack integration. Contents ======== * What is Docker? * 0.4.0 summary * Remote API * Build * Openstack integration * What’s next? * Broader kernel support * Cross architecture support * Even more integrations * Plugin API * Externally mounted volumes * Better documentation * Production-ready * Community news * Contributor of the month: Backjlack * New maintainer: Victor Vieux * How you can help * Hack day on June 11