Thea Lamkin

How I Started Contributing to the Docker Project

written by Antonio Murdaca, (@runc0m) I’ve always struggled with finding the free time to give back some of what I take from open source on a daily basis. This is by far the most obvious reason people find it difficult to start their open source “career” and turn contributing into a regular hobby. Unless you’re being paid for it, the time you spend contributing to open source is time you could have spent having a beer with friends. And many times, discussions with colleagues about doing feature “X” for open source project “Y” ends with someone saying, “Who cares if I fix a typo or refactor something?”. You might not find the time to contribute because you actually don’t care, you feel your contributions aren’t valuable, or you simply prefer to do other things. But as a user of open Continue reading…

Thea Lamkin

Open Source Activities at DockerCon 2015

At DockerCon 2015 in San Francisco, we’re excited to debut new activities for the community of users and contributors to the Docker Project. From a dedicated space throughout the conference to our first ever Contributor Summit, there will be plenty to do for both seasoned Docker contributors and those looking to learn more about open source. Take a look below for more details and see how you can get involved.

Thea Lamkin

Docker’s 2nd Birthday, By the Numbers

Back in March, we invited you to be a part of Docker’s first-ever open-source-a-thon to celebrate the project’s 2nd birthday and work towards a good cause. Now that over a month of events and online contributions have come to a close, we wanted to show off all the hard work our community has put in, and the amazing feat they’ve accomplished. Over 1,200 people attended birthday events across the world, between 17 open-source-a-thons organized by Docker and 7 run completely by community members. Participants learned Go, mentored beginner contributors, made their first open source pull requests, updated docs, wrote blog posts, and much, much more. It’s been pretty crazy.

Thea Lamkin

Start contributing to Docker in 5 easy steps

If you write code for a living, you’ve probably heard of Docker by now. You might have played around with it, and if you’re lucky, you may even have had the chance to use it to deploy systems in production. But have you made the leap to contributing to the project? There are many benefits to contributing to a popular open-source project like Docker: You earn recognition for improving a project used by many people. You get to collaborate with other amazingly smart people in the open-source community. You become a better programmer yourself through the process of understanding and improving an important system. But getting started on a new codebase can be daunting. Docker has many, many lines of code. Fixing even the smallest issue can require reading through a lot of that code and understanding how the pieces Continue reading…

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