Introducing an Interactive Docker tutorial

Today we are happy to announce the Docker Interactive Tutorial: A fully interactive training program for users to get familiar with the Docker commandline. It helps novice users to understand some of the basic concepts of Docker and master the basic commands. As of now, the tutorial is available here. A little on the tech behind it I spent some time considering what approach to take for developing this tutorial.

Announcing a New Logo and Style for Docker

The initial release of Docker pretty much took everyone by surprise. That is, including those working on the visual style. So our initial style was put together quickly. We are now proud to announce a new logo and visual style for Docker. Over the past weeks we have worked with some of the best designers of 99Designs to create a logo that fits our project and communicates our values of expedition, automation, encapsulation and simplification. Out of 84 total designs, a final poll was created. Over 50 people from our community participated to help choose this final logo. We owe a big thanks to Lachlan Donald (@lox) of 99Designs for generously sponsoring a gold package. It allowed us to work with the best designers in this community. Not surprisingly 99Designs is one of the first companies that started using Docker. Over the next couple of weeks you Continue reading…