Peter Salvatore

Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program: Logging

The Docker “Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program” is designed to highlight partners in the Docker ecosystem that have demonstrated quality integrations with the Docker platform and offer a compelling user experience. The first set of partners to demonstrate their expertise in recording and managing log data for Dockerized applications includes Amazon CloudWatch from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic, Graylog, Rapid7/Logentries, Loggly, Papertrail, Sematext Logsene, Sumo Logic and Treasure Data.

Peter Salvatore

Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program: Monitoring

Monitoring solutions for Docker containers Software applications are changing, and by extension, so are the requirements of application monitoring systems. Docker enables developers to iterate faster with software architectures consisting of many small and isolated microservices. This poses a challenge to traditional monitoring solutions as the target processes are no longer statically allocated or tied to particular hosts. Monitoring systems are now expected to track ephemeral and rapidly scaling sets of containers. Thankfully, the Docker Engine exposes APIs for container metadata, lifecycle events, and key performance metrics (Docker 1.5+) that enable the development of robust monitoring solutions. Today we are highlighting a number of these solutions that have demonstrated quality integrations with Docker APIs and provide a compelling user experience.

Peter Salvatore

Tiny Docker Operating Systems

In a recent post, The New Minimalist Operating Systems, I briefly described three new OSs designed with Docker in mind.  I also mentioned Boot2Docker, which I considered to be the smallest (23MB) Docker-focused OS at the time.  Less than two weeks later, a new tiny Docker OS has arrived: RancherOS.  If you are interested in what makes these two very minimal OSs tick, read on.

Peter Salvatore

The New Minimalist Operating Systems

Part of my work on the Technical Alliances team at Docker involves exploring innovative projects our ecosystem partners are working on.  One area that has seen radical change in recent years is the operating system (OS).  You may have noticed some new OS releases: CoreOS (August 2013), Project Atomic (April 2014), and more recently Snappy Ubuntu Core (December 2014). These are all minimalist OSs designed to host Docker applications and simplify your infrastructure.  If you are interested in the distinguishing features of each and how they differ from traditional Linux distributions, read on.

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