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#SwarmWeek: Realtime Cluster Monitoring with Docker Swarm and Riemann

Lately I’ve become fascinated with Riemann, a piece of software written in Clojure for the purpose of supervising the health of distributed systems. Created by Kyle Kingsbury (a.k.a. aphyr) of Jepsen fame, Riemann is a powerful tool for montioring, processing, and responding to information from your cattle herd.

Nathan LeClaire

Docker Machine 0.3.0 Deep Dive

blog post written by Nathan LeClaire, Open Source Engineer at Docker We recently released Docker Machine 0.3.0. I am a maintainer on the project, and I want to share with you some of the goodness that we have been working hard on integrating in the months since the previous release.

Nathan LeClaire

Only Two Weeks Left to Sign Up For The First Public Docker Training

Just a quick reminder:  As of today you have only two weeks to sign up for the very first ever public Docker training class in San Francisco!  Here’s your chance to rapidly get up to speed on Docker’s container technology with plenty of first-hand attention.  The class, held in a small intimate setting in downtown San Francisco, will be led by myself and the legendary Jérôme Petazzoni.  We are both Solutions Engineers at Docker Inc. with strong backgrounds in development and operations.  The training will be held September 17th and 18th and will cover a wide range of topics from fundamentals to best practices to orchestration and beyond. Click here to reserve your spot today! Want to learn more and stay up-to-date? Try our Online Tutorial Create a free Docker Hub account Register for other Training course sessions Join the Docker Online Continue reading…

Nathan LeClaire

Automagical Deploys from Docker Hub

I want the speed and other advantages of a static site generator, but with the flexibility of a database-backed CMS. I want performance, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. From cars to computers, getting both flexibility and performance all too often requires a carefully weighed set of trade-offs. Generating content for your readers and fans on the web is no exception. On the one hand, techies have recently embraced static site generators such as Jekyll, and for good reason, as these systems provide a lot of advantages (e.g., deploying straight to Github pages, high performance, and ease of keeping your content in version control). However, they are not without their own challenges such as steep learning curves and slow, cumbersome workflows. On the other hand, flexible, database-backed content management system such as WordPress can be a better choice in some situations. It’s Continue reading…

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Nathan LeClaire

Ten Docker Tips and Tricks That Will Make You Sing A Whale Song of Joy

As a Solutions Engineer at Docker Inc., I’ve been able to accumulate all sorts of good Docker tips and tricks.  The sheer quantity of information available in the community is pretty overwhelming, and there are a lot of good tips and tricks that can make your workflow easier (or provide a little fun) which you could easily miss. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the creative possibilities are pretty endless.  The “Cambrian Explosion” of creativity that Docker is provoking is extremely exciting. So I’m going to share ten of my favorite tips and tricks with you guys. Ready? Run Docker on a VPS for extra speed Bind mount the docker socket on docker run Use containers as highly disposable dev environments bash is your friend Insta-nyan Edit /etc/hosts/ with the boot2docker IP address on OSX docker inspect -f voodoo Super easy terminals in-browser with wetty nsenter Continue reading…