James Turnbull

Docker launches public training courses

  Together with the Docker 1.0 release at DockerCon we also announced the launch of commercial services to support Docker. One of these services is education and we’re thrilled to announce the first dates for public Docker training. We’re running training in San Francisco and New York initially. The course is called Introduction to Docker and is a two-day classroom-based training course. It will introduce you to the Docker platform and take you through installing, integrating, and running it in your development and operations environments. We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll then take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to help you quickly grow from a beginner into a seasoned user including: Installing the Docker Engine Creating our first Docker container Building Docker images Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub Continue reading…

James Turnbull

Docker Container Breakout Proof-of-Concept Exploit

At Docker we take security very seriously and try to be as transparent as possible. This morning proof of concept exploit code was published showing how to break out of a Docker Engine 0.11 container. We want to emphasize that this vulnerability only applies to users who are running Docker Engine in a non-recommended way by running untrusted applications with root privileges inside containers. We want to be clear that Docker Engine 1.0 is not vulnerable to this exploit. We strongly recommend that users upgrade Docker Engine to version 1.0 to address this issue and be on a fully supported, production-ready platform. The proof of concept exploit relies on a kernel capability that allows a process to open any file in the host based on its inode. On most systems, the inode of the / (root) filesystem is 2. With Continue reading…

James Turnbull

Welcome to Docker University at DockerCon!

As part of DockerCon in June, we’ve decided to run two days of Docker training. This will be the debut of our Introduction to Docker training course. The course will launch at DockerCon and be available more broadly not long afterward. This is the first of many courses we’ll be offering, both in classroom settings and online. The Introduction to Docker course is a hands-on overview of Docker. It assumes no prior Docker knowledge. The only thing it assumes is some very basic Linux/Unix command line experience: navigating the file system, starting and stopping services, editing files and some very basic networking knowledge (know what an IP address and a port is? You’ll be set!). The course first teaches you the basics of Docker from installation to running your first container, and then steps through the fundamentals of using Docker. We’ll teach Continue reading…

James Turnbull

Docker and Security

At the Docker project we’ve been around for less than twelve months but we’ve learnt a lot from some of the open source projects that have come before us. Indeed we’re not shy about talking about the debt we owe to projects like the Linux kernel for our governance and operating models. Like the projects before us, one of the aspects of open source accountability we take very seriously is security. We’re conscious that Docker is an infrastructure project that has been embraced by a wide range of people: from developers building applications locally right up to production deployments, including some of the major PAAS platforms. One of the responsibilities that comes with being deployed in so many places is a serious focus on the security of Docker as a project and a platform. As a result we’ve decided to Continue reading…

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James Turnbull

James Turnbull joining Docker as VP of Services

  Some of you are aware that Venmo was recently acquired by PayPal. I decided after a lot of soul searching that this wasn’t a move I was interested in making. Sadly as a result I am moving on from my role as VP of Engineering at Venmo. At the same time I’ve been talking to the team at Docker Inc about their roadmap and plans as part of my work on The Docker Book. When Ben and Solomon heard I was leaving Venmo they asked if I might be interested in joining Docker Inc as VP of Services. Docker Inc is in a very similar place to where Puppet Labs was several years ago with a plan to build services and product around open source Docker. For me, especially given my role at Puppet Labs helping build in that Continue reading…