Guillaume J. Charmes

Try RethinkDB in the cloud with Docker

Want to try RethinkDB? Today Nick Stinemates released a very cool project based on Docker: Click on a button, and get your own, personal test instance of RethinkDB up and running in seconds. He also released a blog-post on how to do it yourself. or join the conversation on Hacker News

Guillaume J. Charmes

Awesome projects from the Docker community

Everyday the Docker community is building awesome tools and projects with and for Docker. Today we want to share some of them with you. 1. Projects built with Docker JiffyLab – web based environment for the instruction, or lightweight use of, Python and UNIX shell by Preston Holmes – 26 Jun, 2013 > > > Dokku – Docker powered mini-Heroku. The smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen by Jeff Lindsay – Jun 10, 2013 > > > Memcached as a Service by Julien Barbier – Apr 14, 2013 > > >

Guillaume J. Charmes

14 great tutorials on Docker

Here are 14 tutorials and articles written by the community on different subjects, that would certainly help you improve your docker skills in minutes. Getting Docker to Run on Linode & Push-button Deployment with Docker by Nick Stinemates – Jun 19 2013 > Deploy Java Apps With Docker = Awesome by Nicola Paolucci – Jun 13, 2013 > Deploying django using docker by Javed Khan – Jun 14, 2013 > Building Your Own Platform Service Using Docker by Jeff Lindsay & Solomon Hykes at GlueCon 2013 – May 22, 2013 > Using Docker to build FireFox by Gregory Szorc – May 19, 2013 >

Guillaume J. Charmes

Docker 0.3.2 is out!

Hello everyone, Great news! Docker 0.3.2 is out there 🙂 As you may know, we released docker 0.3.0 on Monday which introduced the new registry. On wednesday, we release docker 0.3.1 wich introduced the docker Builder as well as some improvements regarding the Registry. Thanks to the community, we have been able to improve (drastically) the overall performances and speed of docker. Also, lot of bugs have been found and solved thanks to your involvement! And for that, I’d like to thank you all 🙂 The result of all this is Docker 0.3.2 which is available as an ubuntu package (lxc-docker) and as binaries on Last but not least, Docker 0.3.3 is coming soon with the remote API which is already merged into master! Again, with the help of the community, we will improve it and make sure it is Continue reading…

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