Anil Madhavapeddy

Improving Docker with Unikernels: Introducing HyperKit, VPNKit and DataKit

We’ve been working hard to build native Docker for Mac and Windows apps to ensure that your Docker experience  is as seamless as possible on the most popular developer operating systems. Docker for Mac and Windows include everything required to spin up a Linux Docker container that efficiently bridges storage and networking from the host into the Docker containers. They work transparently on both MacOS X and Windows, and require no other third party software. Docker has always been built on open-source foundations: Solomon Hykes is presenting a keynote today at OSCON 2016 about the incremental revolution that the firehose of collaborative open source development has enabled throughout Docker’s history.  Today, we are adding to our existing open source contributions by open sourcing the core technology that powers the Docker for Mac and Windows desktop applications!