Ashlynn Polini

Embark on your Docker Containerization journey at DockerCon 2018

Ashlynn Polini

DockerCon is the premier container conference where the IT industry comes together to learn, belong, and collaborate on the different phases of the containerization journey. This year, we’re focusing on helping our 6,000+ attendees define their containerization journeys. Whether you’re a developer just getting started with Docker or an Enterprise systems architect ready to scale and innovate, at DockerCon we’ll help you map out and implement a containerization strategy for you, your team and your company.

DockerCon 2018

Throughout the four days, you’ll have the chance to design your own DockerCon journey – selecting from 7 different breakout session tracks, a collection of free hands-on labs and workshops, and our peer to peer networking Hallway Track.

This year at DockerCon we’re designing our conference around the containerization journey and providing opportunities for our attendees to create tailored learning and networking experiences for their particular needs.

We’ve identified four stages of the containerization journey that will be present at DockerCon 2018:

The event program is designed to be a “choose your own adventure,” allowing every attendee to find the content, people, trainings, and labs that are right for them. Maybe you’re new to the Docker platform and are looking for more information on what Docker can do for you, or are starting your first project and are looking for best practices, or are ready to scale and innovate for Enterprise, DockerCon has the learning activities and people necessary to help you get to the next step. 

Beyond access to the greatest minds and resources in the container industry, you’ll be a part of our unique Docker community – a community that prides itself on open source collaboration and knowledge sharing. For instance, the Contribute and Collaborate track is a unique chance to meet and learn from maintainers of projects such as Kubernetes, containerd, Istio, SPIFFE, OpenTracing, Jaeger or Kubeflow and many more.

According to a recent stackoverflow report, Docker is in the top 10 skills to learn if you want to advance in a career in tech so hurry up and get your DockerCon ticket to embark on your learning journey!

Check out the following links for access to registration, the DockerCon agenda, and our official DockerCon twitter feed. See you at DockerCon 2018!

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