Ashlynn Polini

Introducing Hallway Track: Learn from People Around You at DockerCon

Ashlynn Polini

Docker Hallway track

Photo by: Youssef Shoufan at DockerCon Austin 2017

The DockerCon Hallway Track is coming to DockerCon Europe in Copenhagen. We’ve partnered with once again to deliver the next level of conference attendee networking. Together, we believe that education is a relationship, not an institution, and that a conversation can change someone’s life. After the success of our collaboration in Austin with Moby Mingle, we’re happy to be growing this idea further for Copenhagen.

DockerCon is all about learning new things and connecting with the right people. The Hallway Track will help you meet and share knowledge with community members and practitioners at the conference.  

Docker hallway track

So, what’s a Hallway Track?

DockerCon Hallway Track is a one-on-one or group conversations based on topics of interest that you schedule with other attendees during DockerCon. Hallway Track’s recommendation algorithm curates an individualized selection of Hallway Track topics for each participant, based on their behavior and interests.

It’s simple:

  1. Explore the knowledge Offer and Requests –where all participants post the knowledge they are willing to share.
  2. Pick something you want to learn or create your own Offer or Request.
  3. Book your Hallway Tracks and meet in person at the Hallway Track Lounge!

If you are interested in attending DockerCon. please register soon as we have only 100 tickets left! If you are already registered and want to book your Hallway Tracks, the platform will be launching today – look out for the email with instructions for logging into the system.

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