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The Docker Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) Program Adds Microsoft Azure Stack

Scott Johnston

In April of this year, Docker announced the Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) POC program with partners Avanade, Booz Allen, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft. The MTA program is designed to help IT teams flip the 80% maintenance to 20% innovation ratio on it’s head. The combination of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), services and infrastructure into a turnkey program delivers portability, security and efficiency for the existing app portfolio to drive down total costs and make room for innovation like cloud strategies and new app development. The program starts by packaging of existing apps into isolated containers, providing the opportunity to migrate them to new on-prem or cloud environments, without any recoding.


Docker customers have already been taking advantage of the program to jumpstart their migration to Azure and are experiencing dramatically reduced deployment and scaling times — from weeks to minutes —  and cutting their total costs by 50% or more.


The general availability of Microsoft Azure Stack provides IT with the ability to manage their datacenters in the same way they manage Azure. The consistency in hybrid cloud infrastructure deployment combined with consistency in application packaging, deployment and management only further enhance operational efficiency. Docker is pleased to announce the addition of Azure Stack to the MTA Program for hybrid cloud environments. Docker will provide partners with a Technical Preview of the Docker EE template for Azure Stack as an easy and quick way to deploy and manage containers for the MTA project.

The Docker MTA Program is available from the partners:


Microsoft and Avande have been actively delivering MTA PoCs to containerize and deploy legacy workloads to Azure cloud and will be applying those same skills to Azure Stack and help further modernize apps to microservices.

“With expertise in Microsoft Azure Stack and great success leading the Modernize Traditional Application program [MTA] with Docker, Avanade is excited to bring these technologies together for clients via a single provider,” said Pat Cimprich, Executive, Cloud and Application Transformation, Avanade. “The Avanade solution provides a turnkey, fully managed Azure-consistent experience so enterprises can quickly move applications to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Azure Stack via Docker container technology. This combination enables clients to migrate applications to the cloud today to realize significant cost savings immediately and then modernize them over time at their own pace.”


Booz Allen Hamilton specializes in modernizing apps to any infrastructure specifically for federal agency IT (civilian and department of defense) with a deep understanding of unique  compliance requirements and continues the transformation to devops and microservices.


Cisco Data Center solutions help organizations develop, deploy, and run their business-essential applications and workloads quickly, securely, and reliably across the multi-cloud domain. The Cisco MTA program is an end-to-end “Proof of Value” offer that demonstrates the ease and savings of containerizing traditional applications on Cisco UCS and Docker Enterprise Edition.

Cisco and Microsoft offer a turnkey hybrid cloud solution built on the power of Cisco UCS and Microsoft Azure Stack and it is orderable starting today. With the expansion of the MTA program, our customers can now confidently deploy containerized applications on a validated solution jointly developed by Cisco and Microsoft, taking advantage of the agile and scalable cloud infrastructure provided by the Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack.” said Satinder Sehti, VP Data Center Solutions Engineering & UCS Product Management.


The HPE MTA Program is driving engagements to help customers modernize traditional applications on HPE Proliant for Azure Stack integrated solution and a wide range of other datacenter systems available.

“Customers have been asking for more choice in the way they manage and deliver applications. Our goal is to help customers move to modern application architectures that best suit their needs,” said McLeod Glass, Vice President, Product Management, Software-Define and Cloud Group, HPE. “With the integration of HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack and Windows Server 2016 validated solutions into Docker’s Modernize Traditional Apps Program, customers now have more options to deploy and manage containerized legacy apps to help them simplify hybrid IT.”

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, the Docker MTA program delivers immediate benefits of portability, security and efficiency for existing applications without recoding the application. Now with Azure Stack, consistency and simplicity of hybrid cloud infrastructures services go hand in hand with consistency and agility of application container deployment. 

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