Jim Armstrong

Be a Budget Hero with Docker Enterprise Edition

Jim Armstrong

We recently started a multi-part learning series for SysAdmins and IT professionals called IT Starts With Docker. We started with the basics, covering container technology and Docker solutions for the enterprise. Now, we shift to the important question: Is it worth your time and your company’s investment to further explore Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)?

The resounding answer to that question is YES. IT teams who have adopted Docker EE are finding it faster and easier to deploy and maintain their applications, plus drive better infrastructure utilization, all without touching the underlying code. Developer teams are realizing productivity gains of their own by being able to onboard new developers faster, shortening the cycles from development to production, and elimination of the burdensome “it worked on my machine” problems.

Docker EE

Try the simple ROI calculator for yourself. It takes just a couple of minutes and allows you to estimate your own savings with Docker EE and how you can become the budget hero of your department. Then, register for our live webinar on Tuesday, August 15th, The Business Value of Docker, where we will outline how organizations like your own are saving 50% on their total costs with Docker EE. 

The calculator is based on real data from Docker EE customers across a broad range of industries. In just the first 5 days of a Proof-of-Concept through the Modernize Traditional Apps program, customers are seeing how they can:

  • cut application deployment times from days or even weeks to hours or minutes
  • streamline application maintenance, cutting time spent on upgrades by as much as 99%
  • consolidate and maximize infrastructure utilization (yes, it works with your existing VMs)
  • and enable development teams and IT operations teams to work efficiently together to accelerate application delivery

Where IT Begins

If you’re new to IT Starts With Docker, learn the basics of Docker and containers with our online hands-on learning environment. Within a few minutes of following the labs, you will see why so many organizations are now running containers in production. These labs may trigger your own ideas of how Docker might help you in your job: smoother deployment and maintenance of applications, securing apps throughout your software supply chain, and managing apps across disparate infrastructure. Docker can help with all of these and more.

From the first application that gets containerized with Docker, you can show positive returns. We invite you to sign up for updates on this special learning series and see how Docker can make you a budget hero.

To learn more about Docker EE:

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