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Docker Enterprise Edition Now on G-Cloud 9 Framework

Robert Drew

 G-Cloud 9

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) has been accepted to G-Cloud 9, further exemplifying Docker’s commitment to delivering tools for application modernization and innovation across the UK public sector.

G-Cloud 9 is the UK government’s latest framework that is designed to simplify and accelerate adoption of cloud-based services within the public sector. The inclusion of Docker Enterprise Edition subscriptions, training and Professional Services Organization (PSO) within HM Government Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 9 Framework gives UK public sector organizations the opportunity to procure the de facto container solution through the online store known as the “Digital Marketplace” without needing to run a full tender, competition or lengthy procurement process.

Docker’s meteoric rise within enterprise-class business has been built on its ability to be agnostic, agile and secure – whether for hybrid cloud migration, modernizing the application stack or adopting a DevOps methodology.

Bringing application modernization to the public sector

With the UK government’s shift to cloud and DevOps, and move away from locked-down IT contracts in favor of smaller suppliers, Docker perfectly addresses these needs by giving  UK public sector organizations the ability to innovate, transform, define, select and control their infrastructure. Additionally, these organization can retain staff who now feel engaged as they can run their programs from cradle to grave. Bringing control and ownership back home means CI/CD and agility is being delivered immediately, without third-party influence. UK public sector organizations can now slowly unshackle and loosen themselves from outdated and outsourced delivery models to bring modern services to the public.

Docker Enterprise Edition delivers:

  • Choice of infrastructure – Gain the freedom to deploy anywhere today and move apps tomorrow. Docker EE is an infrastructure agnostic platform that can be installed on any physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure;
  • Any application – Common packaging with containers, API and tooling allow for commercial ISV apps, homegrown traditional apps and microservices apps to all benefit from a unified supply chain for consistent security, orchestration and management with Docker EE;
  • Full stack portability – Docker EE is an application platform allowing developers to define complex service composition, networking, storage, secrets and more at the application level. A separation of concerns allows developers to define app configurations and IT to deploy and manage them on different infrastructures without recoding. Eliminate the “works of my machine” problem, once and for all;
  • Extensibility – Docker EE provides open interfaces, drivers, webhooks and plugins to easily integrate to a variety of enterprise systems and processes. Certified plugins and containers provide an extra level of quality and assurance with cooperative vendor support for production environments.

Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker is central to enabling digital transformation programs, as the defacto standard and leading container company globally. That message is getting stronger by the day with Docker reaching more than 12 billion image pulls to date. Additionally, there has been tremendous growth on Docker Store, which includes companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and HPE – with the latter two having OEM agreements with Docker.

UK public sector customers now have the opportunity to replicate the success that the commercial market has experienced with Docker implementations, including Global 2000 companies like MetLife and VISA.

We are delighted that two of our key partners in the UK public sector, Amazic and Quru, have been successful in joining the framework. Both companies have included Docker in their domain expertise as part of their product portfolios. 

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