Betty Junod

The Latest Docker Certified Container and Plugins for March and April 2017

Betty Junod

The Docker Certification Program provides a way for technology partners to validate and certify their software or plugin as a container for use on the Docker Enterprise Edition platform.  Since the initial launch of the program in March, more Containers and Plugins have been certified and available for download.

 Docker Certified containers

Certified Containers and Plugins are technologies that are built with best practices as Docker containers, tested and validated against the Docker Enterprise Edition platform and APIs, pass security requirements, reviewed by Docker partner engineering and cooperatively supported by both Docker and the partner. Docker Enterprise Edition and Certified Technology provide assurance and support to businesses for their critical application infrastructure.

Check out the latest Docker Certified technologies to the Docker Store:

Check Docker Store regularly to browse and download the latest Certified Containers and Plugins. Interested in publishing? Sign up here to start posting to Docker Store.


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