DockerCon 2017: all the session videos are now live!

We’re happy to announce that all the breakout session video recordings from DockerCon 2017 are now available online! Special shoutout to all the amazing speakers for making their sessions informative and insightful. All the videos are published on the Docker Youtube channel and the presentation slides available from the Docker Slideshare account.

Here are the links to the playlists of each track:  

Use Case Track

Use case talks are about practical applications of Docker and are heavy on technical detail and implementation advice. Topics covered during this track were related to high availability and parallel usage in the gaming industry, Cloud scale for e-commerce giants, Security compliance and system, protocols legacy in financial and health care institutions.

Black Belt Track

Black Belt talks were deeply technical sessions presented by Docker experts. These sessions are code and demo heavy and light on the slides. From container internals to advanced container orchestration, security and networking, this track is a delight for the container experts in the room.

Docker Deep Dive

This track focuses on the technical details associated with the different components of the Docker platform: advanced orchestration, networking, security, storage, management and plug-ins. The Docker engineering leads walk you through the best way to build, ship and run distributed applications with Docker as well as give you a hint at what’s on their roadmaps.

Using Docker Track

This track is for everyone who’s getting started with Docker or wants to better implement Docker in their workflow. Whether you’re a .NET, Java or NodeJS developer looking to modernizing your applications, or an IT Pro who wants to learn about Docker orchestration and application troubleshooting, this track will have specific sessions for you to get up to speed with Docker.

Wildcard Track

Wildcard talks are all about informing, inspiring and delighting attendees in the light of what they can with containers and other related technologies. Culture, community, tech trends, business or innovative talks, anything that’s Docker related.  

Community Theater Track

Community Theaters feature cool Docker hacks and lightning talks by various community members on a range of topics like Community Cool Hacks, Docker and Serverless, Docker and RaspberryPi.

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DockerCon 2017: all the session videos are now live!

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