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DockerCon 2017 Online meetup Recap

Weren’t able to attend DockerCon 2017 or looking for a refresher? Check out the recording and slides from the DockerCon 2017 Online Meetup highlights recap of all the announcements and highlights from DockerCon by Patrick Chanezon and Betty Junod.

Watch the General Session Talks

The videos and slides from general session day 1 and day 2 as well as the top rated sessions are already available. The rest of the DockerCon slides and videos will soon be published on our slideshare account and all the breakout session video recordings available on our DockerCon 2017 youtube playlist.

Learn more about the Moby Project

The Moby Project is a new open-source project to advance the software containerization movement and help the ecosystem take containers mainstream. Learn more here.

Moby Project by Docker

Learn More about LinuxKit

LinuxKit is toolkit for building secure, portable and lean operating systems for containers. Read more about LinuxKit.


Learn More about the Modernize Traditional Applications Program:

The Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program aims to help enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure. Read more about the Modernize Traditional Apps Program.

Modernize Traditional Apps with Docker

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Karen Bajza

DockerCon 2017 Online meetup Recap

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