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DockerCon 2017 Day 2 Highlights

Victor Coisne

Following the general session highlights from DockerCon Day 1, we’re happy to share with you the video recording from general session day 2. All the slides will soon be published on our slideshare account and all the breakout session video recordings available on our DockerCon 2017 youtube playlist.

DockerCon 2017 Day 2 Highlights

Here’s what we covered during the day 2 general session:

  • 14:00 Docker Enterprise Edition at Visa
  • 30:00 Securing the Software supply chain
  • 65:00 Oracle applications now available on Docker Store
  • 70:00 Modernize your Traditional Apps Program with Docker
  • 75:00 Docker Enterprise Edition at Metlife

Docker Enterprise Edition at Visa

Ben started off his DockerCon Day 2 keynote with key facts and figures around Docker Commercial Adoption. To illustrate his points Ben invited on stage Swamy Kochelakota, Global Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Visa to talk about their journey adopting Docker Enterprise Edition to run their critical applications at scale in a very diverse environment.

Securing the Software supply chain

During the day 2 keynote, Lily and Vivek reprise their 2016 roles of dedicated burners, finally returning from Burning Man to get back to their jobs of enterprise dev and ops.  Ben returns as clueless business guy, and decides to add value by hiring a contractor, who also went to Burning Man and pushed code from there. Company policy says that developers push code to dev repos, and if they pass certain criteria they are promoted to prod repos, and they can be deployed. The code written from Burning Man was laden with vulnerabilities and failed the promotion step. Luckily, Lily was able to clean up the image and pass it through promotions. Vivek then deployed the full stack, which consisted of an linux frontend and MS SQL DB on Windows. Using docker, he was able to deploy this stack on a hybrid Linux Windows cluster with just 1 click, bringing up the Enterprise Art Store and showing off some great enterprise art.

Oracle applications now available on Docker Store

Ben later asks Lily and Vivek to deploy the software from a 90s ecommerce company he acquired within an hour, and to do it in the container thingies. The app consists of a LAMP stack VM and Oracle DB. Vivek is skeptical that this can be containerized within an hour, but Lily is convinced Docker’s tools can handle it, so they make a bet of $20. Lily uses image2docker to convert the LAMP stack VM into a container without any code change. And as it turns out, Oracle has recently collaborated with Docker to containerize many of their apps, including OracleDB! The database is now an official product on the Docker Store, and can be found here. Using the converted VM and OracleDB from the store, Vivek was able to deploy the 90s app within the 1 hour time limit. Read more about Oracle database and developer tools now available on Docker Store.

Modernize your Traditional Apps Program with Docker

Finally, Ben announced the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program to help enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure.  Collaboratively developed and brought to market with partners Avanade, Cisco, HPE, and Microsoft, the MTA Program consists of consulting services, Docker Enterprise Edition, and hybrid cloud infrastructure from partners to modernize existing .NET Windows or Java Linux applications in five days or less.  Designed for IT operations teams, the MTA Program modernizes existing legacy applications without modifying source code or re-architecting the application.  Read more about the Modernize Traditional Apps Program.

Modernize Traditional Apps with Docker

Learn More about the general sessions announcements:

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