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Announcing Docker Global Mentor Week 2016

Karen Bajza

Building on the the success of the Docker Birthday #3 Celebration and Training events earlier this year, we’re excited to announce the Docker Global Mentor Week November 14-19, 2016. This global event series aims to provide Docker training to both newcomers and intermediate Docker users. More advanced users will have the opportunity to get involved as mentors to further encourage connection and collaboration within the community.


The Docker Global Mentor Week is your opportunity to either #learndocker or help others #learndocker. Participants will work through self paced labs that will be available through an online Learning Management System (LMS). We’ll have different labs for beginners and intermediate users, Developers and Ops and Linux or Windows users.

Are you an advanced Docker user?

We are recruiting a network of mentors to help guide learners work through the labs. Mentors will be invited to attend local events to help answer questions attendees may have while completing the self-paced beginner and intermediate labs. To help mentors prepare for their events, we’ll be sharing the content of the labs and hosting a Q&A session with the Docker team before the start of the global mentor week.


Sign up as a Mentor!


With over 250 Docker Meetup groups worldwide, there is always an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the launch of Global Mentor Week, Docker is also introducing a Sister City program to help create and strengthen partnerships between local Docker communities which share similar challenges.

Docker NYC Organizer Jesse White talks about their collaboration with Docker London:

“Having been a part of the Docker community ecosystem from the beginning, it’s thrilling for us at Docker NYC to see the community spread across the globe. As direct acknowledgment and support of the importance of always reaching out and working together, we’re partnering with Docker London to capture the essence of what’s great about Docker Global Mentor week. We’ll be creating a transatlantic, volunteer-based partnership to help get the word out, collaborate on and develop training materials, and to boost the recruitment of mentors. If we’re lucky, we might get some international dial-in and mentorship at each event too!”

If you’re part of a community group for a specific programming language, open source software projects, CS students at local universities, coding institutions or organizations promoting inclusion in the larger tech community and interested in learning about Docker, we’d love to partner with you. Please email us at meetups@docker.com for more information about next steps.

We’re thrilled to announce that there are 108 events scheduled so far around the world with more on the way! Check out the list of confirmed events below to see if there is one happening near you. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list as more events are announced. Want to help us organize a Mentor Week training in your city? Email us at meetups@docker.com for more information!


Thursday, November 10th

Sunday, November 13th

Monday, November 14th

Tuesday, November 15th

Wednesday, November 16th

Thursday, November 17th

Friday, November 18th

Saturday, November 19th

Sunday, November 20th

Tuesday, November 22nd

Wednesday, November 23rd

Wednesday, November 24th

Saturday, November 26th

Excited about Docker Global Mentor Week? Let your community know!


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  1. Are there any online trainings ?

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  3. Any plans for a Seattle training?

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    I have applied for Mentor for the Docker Global Week. The application is still pending.Please advice. Thanks


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