Jenny Burcio

Your Guide to ContainerCamp UK

Jenny Burcio

#ContainerCamp UK kicks off tomorrow in the heart of London’s Piccadilly and we can hardly contain our excitement. There are loads of Docker talks that you won’t want to miss!


Friday, September 9th


9:55 am: Ben Firshman, Director of Product Management at Docker – Building serverless apps with Docker

Everyone’s talking about serverless right now. For good reason – it’s makes distributed apps much simpler to build, scale, and maintain. In this session, Ben will demonstrate how you can use Docker to mix in serverless techniques – right now – and how serverless is going to change how you build distributed apps in the future.



11:15 am: Nishant Totla, Docker Software Engineer – Orchestrating Linux containers while tolerating failures

Management of containers in production requires special care in order to keep the application up and running. In this session, learn the mechanisms and architecture of the Docker Engine orchestration platform (using a framework called swarmkit) to tolerate failures of services and machines, from cluster state replication and leader-election to container re-scheduling logic when a host goes down.



12:35 pm Lightening Talk: #DockerCaptain Nicholas Deloof – Continuous delivery in a container world


5:00 pm: #DockerCaptain Alex Ellis – Docker and IoT: securing the server-room with realtime ARM microservices

Docker and Raspberry Pi are the perfect combination for protecting the data center against thermal overload and tampering. Learn how Docker Captain Alex Ellis used off-the-shelf hardware to create a scalable solution with help from Pimoroni and Docker Swarm.



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