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Docker Presents at Inaugural Cloud Field Day

Thanks to everyone who joined us last Thursday. We were really excited to participate in the first Cloud Field Day event and to host at Docker HQ in San Francisco. In watching the trend to cloud and the changing dynamics of application development, the Tech Field Day organizers, Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth started Cloud Field Day to create a forum for companies to share and for the delegates to discuss. The delegates came from backgrounds in software development, containers, networking, virtualization, storage, data and of course, cloud… As always, the delegates asked a lot of questions, kicked off some great discussions, even had some spirited debates both in the room and online, always with the end user in mind. We are looking forward to doing this again.

ICYMI: The videos and event details are now available online and also follow the conversation from Twitter with the delegates.



The three livestreamed sessions have been recorded and are now available to view.

Session 1: What is Docker?  Featuring product manager Vivek Saraswat

In this session, Vivek explains container architecture, how it is different than VMs and how they can be applied to application environments.  Bonus demo featuring an app with rotating cat gifs.

Session 2: Docker Orchestration featuring architect Andrea Luzzardi

With Docker 1.12, orchestration is built in directly into the Engine.  As an optional feature, orchestration includes node clustering, container scheduling, notion of application level services, container aware networking, security and much more.

Session 3: Docker and Microsoft featuring product manager Michael Friis

Enterprises have a mix of Linux and Windows application workloads. In this session, Michael explains how Docker and Windows Server deliver Windows containers and other integrations to the native Microsoft developer and IT pro toolset.

And we are not finished yet! The Docker Team will be participating in the upcoming Tech Field Day 12 in Silicon Valley on November 15-16th. Check back on the Tech Field Day site to get updated times and a link to view the live stream.

See you online soon!

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Betty Junod

Docker Presents at Inaugural Cloud Field Day

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